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Frasier Crane’s condo reimagined with a modern-day look

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The woodwork stays, the carpet goes

For comparison: The apartment set used to film Frasier.
Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Frasier Crane’s condo in the fictional Elliott Bay Towers is certainly impressive, with its stunning Space Needle view outside and massive square footage inside. But as many have pointed out—including a few brokers we asked to appraise the unit—it’s a 1990s time capsule, and not even in a particularly fun way, with dated finishes and furnishings. Not that we’re blaming Dr. Crane for this one; the show premiered on September 16, 1993, a whole 25 years ago this week.

In honor of the show’s big two-five, interior design group Modsy re-imagined the unit with more modern decor—updated, but still true to the Frasier style.

“Frasier’s style in 2018 is really no different than his style in the early ’90s, just a bit more refined,” said Modsy director of style Alessandra Wood of the redesign. “He is a collector of quirky objects, beautifully designed furniture pieces, and artwork inspired by a pre-colonial era. His apartment is rooted in comfortable, well-made pieces. Frasier would never be one to refresh his core furniture seasonally, as he is a collector that invests in pieces for functionality and good design.”

Some of Frasier’s beloved investment pieces stick around, like the iconic Wassily chair and Eames lounge. But other familiar pieces have been replaced. Martin Crane’s well-loved, duct-taped recliner has been swapped for a Milo Baughman recliner from Design Within Reach (DWR) that Wood felt still nodded to the elder Crane’s presence. The sofa has also been replaced with a DWR piece: the Krefeld sofa in ivory.

Modsy didn’t opt to completely gut the condo. The woodwork stuck around, including the designs on the doors, but Wood imagines different finishes around it. The concrete facade around the fireplace has been swapped for terrazzo tile. The carpet has been ripped out and replaced with black marble that Wood says gives the space “a subtle edge and dramatic elegance.”

“Preserving Frasier’s iconic style was one of our main goals in making stylistic changes to the structure of the space,” said Wood.

Check out renderings of Modsy’s design below.

Courtesy of Modsy