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Greenwood bungalow fits just enough into 630 square feet

Smart space decisions make this cozy house the perfect size

Courtesy of Windermere

This little bungalow in Greenwood, originally built in 1917, is not quite a tiny house, but at 630 square feet, it’s not exactly spacious, either. It’s a pretty adorable size, but it provides all the essentials in a little, cozy package for $484,000.

Some pretty surroundings certainly help decorate the home, too, with rock walls and hedges helping to frame an entrance to a sunny front yard. Climb a small set of stairs to the entrance—then once inside, high ceilings keep the space bright and airy and keep it from feeling cramped. Bamboo floors lend some warm color.

In the living room, a little wood stove provides a homey centerpiece without taking up too much space. Corner windows wrapping around the dining area let in plenty of light. A kitchen is tucked away in a nook, not completely closed off, but leaving enough wall space for countertops and shelving.

Down a shelf-lined hallway, two bedrooms—one currently imagined as an office—are small, but functional, with plenty of storage. The home’s one bathroom is sans bathtub, but has enough room to add a small one if that’s important to its next occupant.

In the back of the house, a generous mudroom gives enough space for top-loading laundry and leads out to the backyard. In a bigger house, this yard might feel small, but for a 630-square-foot house it seems just right: a small lawn area with enough room for a picnic table; a cute, shingled shed; and plenty of space for raised beds.

This article has been updated to reflect the correct listing price.

931 N 93rd St

931 North 93rd Street, , WA 98103