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Seattle’s most popular pet names of 2018

Hello (again), Lucy!


As we ring in 2019, Seattle has a lot to look back on from the last year. We had that whole thing with the “head tax.” We saw our bike-share landscape get turned inside out. We airlifted some goats out of the Olympics. We got a hockey team, and our baseball stadium got a new name. An addition to the Convention Center broke ground, and we braced for the demise of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

And, just like last year, we adopted pets, and we named those pets. And out of those adopted pets, more than 33,000 dogs, cats, goats, and potbellied pigs were licensed with the city in 2018. (In addition to introducing your pet to the city, this is technically the law.)

Among these (usually) furry friends, some names popped up more than others. Lucy was the most popular pet name overall and No. 1 for dogs. Next come Charlie and Luna—the latter being the No. 1 for cats.

For the most part, the top names were similar in 2018 to those in 2017, but there were a few shakeups. Lucy remains the reigning champ for most popular dog name, but Luna rose to the top for cats. Some names that were relatively popular before shot up in popularity this year: Milo, for example, rose up 13 places to break the top 20. Penny, Cooper, Stella, Daisy, and Lola were also more popular than they were last year. Some were a little less popular: Chloe and Zoe both descended the ranks, along with Maggie and Molly.

Top 20 Seattle pet names of 2018

Name Cat Dog Goat Change from 2017 Total
Name Cat Dog Goat Change from 2017 Total
Lucy 57 218 +0 275
Charlie 43 199 +0 242
Luna 74 166 +1 240
Bella 47 162 -1 209
Max 54 124 1 +0 179
Daisy 20 143 +5 163
Lily 60 90 +0 150
Lola 27 117 +4 144
Buddy 26 117 +0 143
Molly 32 108 -4 140
Stella 25 111 +5 136
Jack 38 97 -4 135
Cooper 12 115 +7 127
Sophie 36 88 -1 124
Penny 28 95 +7 123
Maggie 21 100 -6 121
Oliver 44 75 -2 119
Milo 35 80 +13 115
Ruby 22 88 +0 110
Chloe 22 84 -3 106
Data is current for January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 City of Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services

While many popular names for dogs are popular names for cats too, there’s a little less similarity compared to last year, which saw Lucy as No. 1 for both. Lucy has fallen to third for cats for 2018, with Luna and Max each rising a place to No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

Top 10 Seattle dog names of 2018

Name Total
Name Total
Lucy 218
Charlie 199
Luna 166
Bella 162
Daisy 143
Max 124
Lola 117
Buddy 117
Cooper 115
Stella 111
Seattle Office of Finance and Administrative Services

Top 10 Seattle cat names of 2018

Name Total
Name Total
Luna 74
Lily 60
Lucy 57
Max 54
Bella 47
Oliver 44
Charlie 43
Jack 38
Sophie 36
Milo 35
Seattle Office of Finance and Administrative Services

In case you were wondering: Three dogs were, in fact, named Kitty, compared to 26 actual kitties. Two dogs and one cat were named Puppy. One dog was named Doggy. One dog was named Horse, and one cat was named Seahorse.

Out of the 31 livestock that were registered with the city—helpfully separated into goats and pigs this year—each had a unique name; Professor Nibblesworth and Brussels Sprout had their licenses renewed this year. One pig was named Coconut.

The biggest name that transcends species: Max, with 124 dogs, 54 cats, and one goat.

Find out how popular your pet’s name is by checking the full data set.