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Itty-bitty Wallingford houseboat listed for $285K

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It packs a lot of cute into a tiny space

BethAnn Warner

Houseboats come in different shapes and sizes, but while some are ambitious, they all tend small. This houseboat docked in Wallingford near Gas Works Park is among the smaller of the small—but the buildout uses its little space deliberately, building out careful storage and functional spaces to maximize what it has. It’s not just useful, it’s pretty—wood-slat walls and an exposed-beam ceiling go for the classic nautical look, and the built-ins match the aesthetic.

One way it stands out from your typical houseboat: The moorage is owned, not rented.

On entry, a small, but equipped, kitchen sits opposite a built-in dining booth, both creating a half-wall separating it from the living room visually without closing off the space. Plenty of drawer, cabinet, and shelf space keep the essentials stowed.

The living room has its own functional buildout, with a handsome wooden bench one one end and a row of shelves on the other, with a small stove to keep it cozy on cold nights. Round the corner to a semi-private sleeping nook with its own built-in storage, opposite a cabinet.

The small bathroom actually adds to the home’s aesthetic—not incredibly common in a houseboat head. A shower under a Deco arch is nestled one end of the vessel, its stained-glass windows shining into the rest of the home when the door is open.

A deck on either end provide a little outdoor space—one a welcoming front porch, the other a water-facing lounge or kickoff to lake adventures—but there’s always a roof to lay out on, flat or no.

Take a look—the boat and slip are listed for $285,000, with $363 a month in homeowners dues.

An open layout keeps the small square footage from feeling cramped, with built-ins carving out functional space.
A dining booth sits opposite the full kitchen, which has plentiful cabinet space and a small range.
Built-ins double as visual separators between spaces.
A semi-private sleeping nook is tucked away between the living area and the bath, with its own built-in storage.
A back deck faces Lake Union for nature watching and kayak-launching.

Lake Union

, , WA

2143 N Northlake Way

2143 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103

Gas Works Park

2101 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103 Visit Website