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Fix up this little Mount Index cabin for $145K

Within walking distance of Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls

This wood-shingled A-frame creates a fairytale cabin in the woods of Mount Index.
Jeremy Williams/Courtesy of Brittainy Bolding, Compass Washington

Mount Index is nestled among some of the Seattle area’s most iconic outdoor adventures, and this little fixer-upper cabin on more than four acres is at an ideal hub for hikers, skiers, and river-rafters alike. Tucked in the triangle where Bridal Veil Creek branches off from the Skykomish River, the property is a pretty forest setting all its own, but a lot of attractions are close at hand. The trailhead for one of the area’s most beloved hikesLake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls—is just over a mile up the road, adding just about half an hour each way. Stevens Pass is a 40-minute drive to the east, and Wallace Falls State Park is just over 10 miles northwest.

Location aside, it helps that the cabin on the property is extremely cute, at least on the outside. Originally built in 1960, this modified version of a classic cabin design has A-frames facing all sides, all covered in wooden shingles—creating a starburst shape in the roof of the upper floor. While the front door is just served by a set of stairs, a sizeable balcony juts out from either side of the second story for looking out over the forest. It even has a functional bathroom, which is not a guarantee for a cabin out in the woods.

The downside: It’s kind of a mess, as one can see from perusing the listing itself. The original owner originally bought the property as an art studio, with a dream of maybe even starting an artist colony. He began making art and animation there, and even started a remodel of the cabin. But eventually, life and family got in the way, leaving the cabin a construction site—and the property full of junk stemming from what he assures us are some amazing stories, although he’s not about to share them. He will share, however, that there’s a community beach nearby and a secret hot spring down the road.

With a lot of work, this property could become an ideal launching point for a lot of woodsy revelry—and there’s plenty of room to build more, or just create your own woodsy oasis, on four acres.

The view from one of the second-story balconies shows a dense, woodland setting—and the remains of a previous outbuilding.
The thick forest makes the cabin feel like a serene escape.
The forest view from inside the cabin isn’t bad, either.
There’s a full array of forestry in reach, even without leaving the property.

Wallace Falls State Park

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