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What $1,000 rents in Seattle right now

A whole lot of little

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in Seattle. We found five listings within $100 of today’s price: $1,000.

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Capitol Hill

Around 13th and Mercer—not too far from Volunteer Park—this itty-bitty Apodment “suite” with a courtyard entrance is $1,000 on the dot, with internet included. It’s just 156 square feet, but has a mini-fridge, a microwave, a sink, and some shelving, although tenants share larger, common kitchens supplied with cookware. It can come (sparsely) furnished with a twin bed and a (folding) table and chair, and has a small, private three-quarter bath. It’s a couple of blocks in either direction to the 10 or 49. No pets.

A room with pale yellow walls and white window trim and crown moulding. A futon is to the right, and to the left is a daybed with a red frame and patterned quilt.

Central District

Near Garfield High School, this more conventionally sized studio apartment has a large, separate kitchen and full bathroom—plus vintage millwork, hardwood floors, and a clawfoot tub. It has its own outside entrance in a fenced backyard. It even comes with off-street parking, although it’s a block from the 4 and 48 lines. This one doesn’t allow pets either, though. Rent is $975 a month.

Chinatown International District

CID’s historic Milwaukee Hotel is home to this one-bedroom apartment for $1,015 a month—although apartments in this building, regardless of bedroom count, are more studio-sized, with no living room really to speak of. It does have a full kitchen and bath, though, and great transit access, being right on the First Hill Streetcar and a few blocks from the International District train and bus stations. There’s a small attached garage, too. No word on pets; rent is $1,015 a month.

A small countertop area with a sink and cabinets below and above in a white room. Behind it, there’s a corner with windows in it and a small baseboard heater. Floors are hardwood-like.
A small countertop with a sink and cabinetry below and above in a small room with a mirrored, freestanding closet behind it. Through another doorway, there’s an open door to the outside. Via Cubix


On the northeast end of Greenwood, just about in Northgate, this 225-square-foot studio rents for $995 a month, with all utilities, including Wi-Fi, included. There’s not much in the way of a kitchenette—a small countertop, sink, and fridge—but tenants share a larger kitchen. Residents also share a rooftop deck, although the listing also promises great soundproofing if you don’t want to be social. It’s right off the Rapidride E line. No pets allowed in this one, either.

Photos are of a similar unit.

A white room has a sleeping loft in it with a white railing, with stairs leading up it to the right. There’s a kitchen below the loft including a stove and a fridge. Trim is a teal color, including the steps and the door on the far wall. Via Craigslist


This little (about 12-by-16) Belltown studio has a full (but small) kitchen, a sleeping loft, and what looks like a decently-sized closet, plus a certain amount of historic charm from the 1903 building. It also allows pets. What it doesn’t have is a private bathroom—10 bathrooms are shared with the building’s 42 tenants. Utilities are at least included in the $995 rent, though. It’s also just a couple of blocks from the major transit corridor on Third Avenue.


Which $1,000 apartment would you rent?

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