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Itty-bitty boxy houseboat asks $325K by Gas Works Park

A classic houseboat design makes perfect use of a tiny space

A boxy, dark blue houseboat with white trim sits along a dock, with a deck and French doors leading inside and a roof deck with write railing above. Other houseboats line the dock behind it.
From the dock, Harmony has a welcoming front porch and airy French doors.
Courtesy of Windermere

Floating on an aluminum pontoon along the east corner of Gas Works Park, this tiny house, named Harmony, is just 208 square feet. None of that space is wasted, though, with a thoughtful floorplan that builds in plenty of storage and a function for every corner.

Built-ins help maximize the square footage, including a fold-down dining table opposite the kitchen and plenty of cabinetry. Rather than have full rooms, the design relies a little more on nooks: The bed, for example, is built into a back corner behind a closet, keeping everything open but still keeping the sleeping area out of the living room. The kitchen is slightly recessed behind that closet and cabinetry around the fridge, creating a tidy delineation.

But the home’s living space opens more dramatically on the exterior, taking full advantage of the lakeside setting. Both the front and back decks are decently-sized for low-key hangs, and up top, a roof deck doubles the living space.

2143 N Northlake Way Slip 7 is on the market for $325,000 through Windermere. Slip rent is $700 a month.

A room surrounded by windows, except for open French doors at the very center of the far wall. There’s a dock outside. Inside, there’s a kitchen along the right wall and a built-in dining table with two chairs to the left.
With a decently-sized front porch through the French doors, the bright kitchen and dining area easily spills out into the outdoors.
A long, narrow room has a kitchen along the left wall. Along the right wall, there’s a small dining table, a chair, and a white couch, then a side table with a blue lamp. Through a doorway, there’s a single door with a window to the outside.
A straightforward floorplan leaves just enough room for dining, lounging, and cooking without getting too cluttered.
A bed takes up the left side of the room with a round mirror above. The right wall has a mirror, an open doorway to a tiled room, and a built-in bookshelf. In the back, there’s a single door with a window to the outside and a tan curtain.
The bed is built into a nook so it takes up just enough room at the back of the boat—slightly separated for privacy.
A bed with white bedspread with black accent stripes at the top is pushed in to the corner of a room. Above on the right wall, there’s a window with a gold curtain, with a small built-in shelf next to it with a small sailboat on top.
The cozy little bed nook still lets in light from the lake, and a small built-in shelf serves as a kind of nightstand.
A roof deck has white floors (with a small step midway through) and white railings. Closer to the camera, a small foldable wood bistro table with a turquoise folding chair. Along the back railing, two lounge chairs with a blue umbrella above.
A roof deck spanning the home’s entire footprint just about doubles the living space, ideal for parties or firework-viewing.
Two blue-striped folding chairs face a small fire pit at the corner of a dock on calm water. The area is surrounded by houseboats.
The back deck—one of three, including the one by the dock and the one above—is at lake level, perfect for hopping into a kayak or surveying the water.

2143 N Northlake Way

2143 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103

Gas Works Park

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