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Reimagined World’s Fair midcentury asks $1.7 million in Sand Point

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Elegant upgrades keep the home’s original aesthetic at heart

A home emerging from a lawn on a gently-sloping hill. The top story is visible all the way around, but a lower story is partially covered by the hillside in the back.
The home’s hillside location gives it a perfect vantage point to Lake Washington.

Perched over water views like the bow of a ship, this airy three-bedroom home was upscale when it was first built in 1963. A recent redecorating by modern architecture firm Heliotrope keeps it that way—but with reverence to the home’s original vision.

In classic, swanky, early-1960s style, the home leads with a courtyard entrance and double wooden doors to a semi-open foyer, accented by exposed-grain shelving and railings. A central chimney anchors both an airy formal space above and a sunken den below—lending a bold, brick fireplace under high great-room ceilings and an exposed-brick accent wall to a true daylight basement.

Eschewing the minimalist simplicity of a 1950s modern, the home’s basement-rambler floorplan designs showpiece spaces into dramatic window bays. A sitting area is the most striking example, nestled in 180-degree views underneath a cathedral ceiling with massive skylight. The kitchen also benefits from this design, taking full advantage of a six-sided room for plenty of counter space—with simple, wood-grain cabinetry that, while newer, plays on a midcentury ethos.

8631 Inverness Drive Northeast is listed for $1.73 million through Compass.

A courtyard surrounded by walls with gray siding. There’s a cutout at the top showing a mostly-sunny day with wispy clouds. To the right, double wooden doors open to an interior with a white wall and wood hutch.
A hexagonal cutout in the roof of the entryway courtyard nods at the skylights and bays in the interior.
An entryway. There are dark wood-grain double doors on the left wall, and in the center, a railing above an open staircase. The walls are white and the floors are stone.
A classic 1960s semi-open foyer sets the stage for the home’s earthy finishes.
An open room, painted white, with hardwood floors. Ahead, there’s a large window bay with living room furniture in it. To the right, there’s dining room furniture and glass French doors to the outside. Along the left wall is a tall brick fireplace.
An open great room delineates the sun-bathed living area with a dramatic cathedral ceiling.
A room painted white. Through an opening to the left, there’s an open staircase, plus a wider half-floor staircase leading down. Along the left wall there’s also a recessed fireplace. To the right is gathered living room furniture by a wall of windows.
A sunken lower-level den still gets plenty of light thanks to a hillside basement rambler design.
A kitchen. The photo shows five sides of a six-sided shape. The floor and countertops are off-white, and the cabinetry is exposed grain with simple silver pulls. There’s a stainless steel range on the far wall and a pass through window to the left.
The kitchen plays to its original early-60s aesthetic with simple finishes and a preserved pass-through window.
A room coated in marble tile on the floor and walls. A detatchable showerhead and knob is on the left wall, along with a frosted window. Ahead is a round, white soaking tub. White towels are hanging on a rod to the right.
In the ensuite master bath, a walk-in shower with soaking tub adds modern relaxation.