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Cedar log cabin with wood-fired hot tub asks $349K near Mount Rainier

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It’s just 20 miles to Crystal Mountain

A log cabin sits in a wide grass field surrounded by trees. Curt Bartkowski/My Photos Sell Homes

Every season is mountain season in the Pacific Northwest, and this property in Greenwater, Washington—just north of Mount Rainier National Park, about 20 miles from Crystal Mountain—seems ready for all of them.

At the center of it is a log cabin built in 1977 from hand-hewn yellow cedar from Bullion Basin, less than 30 miles away. The custom work shows in log walls both inside and out, with half-timbered accents to keep things interesting. Some more interesting or picturesque logs were used as exposed beams—one gnarled portion even becomes a column on the edge of the living area. Tucked up in a loft, two bedrooms sit under a peaked ceiling.

The cabin sits on more than a third of an acre, including a wood-fired hot tub, complete with tiny log bathhouse. It’s adjacent to a cozy concrete fire pit—just built for apres-ski wind-downs.

59526 Stubbs Road is listed for $349,000 through John L. Scott.

A bed with white bedspread is in a room with exposed-log and wood grain walls with a ceiling steeply pitched (but not too high) toward the center.
The cedar especially shines in the master bedroom, with even, exposed logs and half-timbering.
A staircase made from exposed grain wood leads up to the left in a high-ceiling room. There’s a boarded-up stone fireplace to the right, and ahead, a living area coated in logs.
The largely open main floor has versatile space, both with cathedral ceilings and beneath the loft.
A room with log walls and an exposed-log-beam ceiling. There’s an iron stove ahead, plus a sliding-glass door leading to a porch with a picnic table.
To complete the rustic look, the kitchen has its own log details, plus vintage appliances.
A wood tub filled with water with a small chimney emerging from it. It’s on a platform with a built-in bench to the left and a railing on the far and right sides. It’s surrounded by trees.
The wood-fired hot tub is surrounded by a platform and built-in benches, all perfect for surveying the river.
A concrete fire pit ahs two wooden chairs with cushions facing it. The whole area is surrounded by firewood piles. Behind the chairs, there’s a tiny building with a peaked roof constructed from logs and shingles.
A fire pit is well-placed next to the hot tub and its teeny tiny log bathhouse.
A polished wood picnic table on a wooden porch attached to a log cabin. There’s a sliding glass door on a log wall to the right.
A wide back porch serves as an outdoor dining room on nicer days.