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Little lofted houseboat asks $445K by the Fremont Bridge

It’s like an itty-bitty water lodge

The front of a houseboat with a peaked roof. The front wall is covered in windows reaching up to the peak. Richard Wood/Courtesy of Seattle Afloat

Docked off Westlake Avenue near the crux of Queen Anne and Fremont, this home on the water takes an airy, lodge-like loft design and shrinks it down into a houseboat-sized package. But while 583 square feet is on the small side for a house, it’s big enough on a houseboat curve to keep from compromising too much for space—and a generous wraparound deck adds plenty of extra wiggle room.

The main gathering space sits under a cathedral ceiling, behind a tall wall of windows that’d be at home looking over a bluff or mountain. A loft looks over the area, catching that same light, with a curtain for privacy.

Underneath the loft, a kitchen has far more counter space than the typical houseboat, arranged into a sort of octagon pattern. Find more privacy in a second bedroom tucked in the back of the vessel with a vaulted ceiling and built-in Murphy bed.

2706 Westlake Avenue N Slip 76 is on the market for $445,000 via Cooper Jacobs/Seattle Afloat.

To the right of a covered boat garage, a houseboat with beige-yellow siding and red roofs, including a taller section and a gable in the front. A wraparound deck has gray decking, and a bistro set with umbrella at the front.
Large porches on either side of the wraparound deck expand the party space.
A room with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and hardwood floors. The windows face out onto water. At the center of the far wall is a small white wood stove. A folding chair is on either side.
A small faux wood stove keeps the living area cozy.
The inside of a small house with hardwood floors and white walls. A carpeted staircase winds up on the right to a loft with wooden railings. There’s an open doorway to a kitchen in the back of the main floor.
A loft looks over the living area, dropping the ceiling over the kitchen.
The view from inside a loft with carpet and wood railing. There’s a curtain rail at the top, and a wardrobe to the right. Over the railing, a large peaked window is visible, and a couple of smaller windows above.
The loft gets light from both the large front window and smaller clerestory windows.
Tucked between two massive boat shelters, a houseboat with beige-yellow siding and red rooftops looks out over a lake. It has a wraparound deck.
The home’s largest window faces straight out onto Lake Union towards Wallingford and Fremont.