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Bellevue home where Amazon was born listed for $1.5 million

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Jeff Bezos’s former home—including its now-famous garage—is on the market

The garage where Amazon began is visible at the home’s front door.
Arnold Grant/Heritage Marketing Service

The story gets repeated in Seattle over and over again: When Jeff Bezos started retail giant Amazon, then Cadabra, in 1994, it was a small business operated out of his Bellevue garage. The rest is history. Bezos is the richest man in the entire world (and has much fancier digs) and Amazon is a massive corporation.

As Amazon grew, the house stuck around in Bellevue—and grew a little itself, with an early-2000s remodel that added a massive great room and redid the roof. Back in 1994, when Bezos was stockpiling books in the garage, it was valued at under $150,000. Now, it’s listed for $1.5 million, about as much money as Bezos accumulates in ten minutes.

The home was first built in 1954, and while it’s been updated to a more contemporary Craftsman lodge look with river-rock accents (popular in new homes around the time it was remodeled), its midcentury roots are still visible in the L-shaped layout and the configuration of the three bedrooms. While the soaring, exposed-pine ceiling with embedded skylights above the living room lends itself well to a midcentury vibe, that’s a newer addition.

Out back, the property is ready for better weather, with a large deck, a fire pit, and a hot tub.

A vaulted, pine ceiling with skylights keeps the great room bright.
A remodel opened up the living room to the dining area and kitchen.
A large kitchen island doubles as a cooktop and a breakfast bar.
The home’s midcentury roots are more visible in the bedrooms—like this master.
A backyard fully equipped with a patio, hot tub, fire pit, and barbeque space is ready for outdoor gatherings.