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Lucky Duck houseboat—complete with waterslide—asks $250,000

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This one’s fully ready for Lake Union adventures

Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

This houseboat, dubbed “Lucky Duck,” is notable in a couple of ways. One, it is more of a boat than some other houseboats, with the controls and motor more clearly visible, plus an undeniably boaty exterior. Two, it has a waterslide off the giant roof deck.

Inside, it lives like a small condo, with an open-concept living room, dining area, and kitchen, leading back to a full-height bedroom with built-in shelving and a more traditional—i.e., more house-like than a head—three-quarter bath.

As lakefront properties should, it has plenty of outdoor space. A covered lower deck provides even more gathering space than the living area, but even that’s dwarfed by the roof deck, which is fully open to the sunshine on nicer days (and has a full view of the Fourth of July fireworks). The roof deck is also the launching point for the waterslide, launching its passengers into the lake next to a small deck off the bedroom.

It’s asking $250,000, plus $1,095 a month for water, sewer, garbage, and the liveaboard fee. Take a look.

A patio-like deck on the lower level serves as a front yard, entryway, and open-air living and dining room.
The interior makes efficient use of 420 square feet, with plenty of kitchen cabinet space and a work counter over a washing machine.
The houseboat’s controls are integrated into the living area, which gets plenty of light and opens up to the front deck.
The bedroom is small, but can fit a queen bed—and has its own little back deck with a peek at the waterslide.
The waterslide launches off the back of the houseboat into Lake Union. (Just make sure the motor’s off first!)
While there’s not a ton of room for entertaining inside, the roof deck alone has enough room for a party.