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Turreted Tudor Revival estate listed for $2.18 million

With half-timber and water views

Courtesy of Windermere

Tudor Revival was an extremely popular style in 1920s Seattle, and since the era marked a boom in housing construction, its influence is apparent all over the city. That includes this luxury home in Magnolia, pressed into a hillside like a castle and giving way to big water views.

Despite the revival hallmarks—like half-timbering and ornately carved handrails—it has a little midcentury prestige, as well. Early in its life, architect Albert Orin Bumgardner oversaw a major remodel that preserved its historic charm. Bumgardner would later go on to fame as a modern architect, but he had his hand in a lot of historic preservation projects in his time, including Queen Anne High School and the Globe Building downtown.

That historic look has persevered until today, with ornate millwork, multiple fireplaces, and leaded glass—although it could use a little refreshing. The good news is that with more than half an acre, there’s plenty of room to work with, whether it’s expanding the house or bringing the gardens on the home’s grounds to life.

Half-timber designs and bay windows preserve the Tudor revival look.
The occasional Gothic archway is thrown into the design, and plenty of fireplaces keep things cozy.
Built-in window benches and leaded glass add to the charm.
Railings and built-ins maintain a classic Tudor design.
In some places, the Tudor theme is more elaborate than others.
The grounds around the home are full of gardens, including hillside rockeries.
A large deck is designed for gathering and bringing in the water view.