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Vintage brick studio co-op listed for $240K in Capitol Hill

All kinds of 1929 details packed into a tiny package

Clarity Northwest/Courtesy of Windermere

Capitol Hill is full of some of the more charming buildings from Seattle’s 1920s building boom, with their handsome brick exteriors and carefully constructed, detailed interiors. This little studio in the Broadway Co-Op packs in the features that make homes of the era so charming: French doors, ornamental archways, hardwood floors, and plenty of original built-ins.

There are a few modern additions, too, like a newly remodeled kitchen with a tiled backsplash that matches the design nicely, and a more modern, full bathroom. A Murphy bed is built into a shallow alcove so it can be hidden when it’s stowed and framed when unfolded. It saves space, although at 390 square feet, it’s not the tiniest studio in the world—folding up the bed just clears out a decently sized living room.

At $240,000 (plus $275 a month in homeowners dues), it’s among the lower-priced listings on the Hill. Take a look.

A handsome brick exterior has subtle Art Deco details.
An ornamental archway at the entrance sets the stage.
The current paint job is colorful (but obviously changeable), showing off the vintage millwork.
An alcove can hide the Murphy bed (or not).

Coved ceilings and a vintage radiator feel straight out of 1929.
A large kitchen behind French doors features many original built-ins.
Plenty of original cabinetry has been augmented with newer backsplash and counters.