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Converted Metro bus motorhome with rooftop dance floor asks $12K

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Complete with original seats for the full effect

Michael Black

Bus conversions aren’t entirely uncommon. We’ve seen plenty of school buses and even shuttles transformed into campervans and even full-time homes. But it’s not every day you see a former King County Metro coach—all 40 feet of it—transformed into a party palace, complete with a private bedroom and a rooftop dance floor.

“This bus has faithfully transported myself and my friends to many music festivals and has now taken the yearly trip to Burning Man 5 years in a row,” reads the Craigslist listing. “Starts easy and runs great.”

The exterior is instantly recognizable as a former Metro bus, with the color scheme and even the LED flip-dot readerboard intact. Some bus conversions involve gutting the whole thing and building up a whole new interior, but this one instead embraces its past. Original seating finds new life in different configurations—and some just stuck around.

The model, a Gillig Phantom Transit Coach, was used by both Metro and Sound Transit, plus other transit agencies across the country. It has certainly had a life so far, with more than 500,000 miles on it—not especially surprising, between its original calling as a county bus and its five trips to Nevada since then. It’s asking $12,000.

This Metro bus is really living it up during its retirement.
Michael Black
Leaving the windows as they were means plenty of natural light.
Michael Black
The design uses the bus’s original seats—just flipped around to create a few booths for dining and conversation.
Michael Black
The priority seating by the front of the bus stuck around.
Michael Black
The back of the bus has been converted into a bedroom that locks for privacy—again integrating the original seats into the decor.
Michael Black
Beep beep.
Michael Black
The roof has a pop-up railing to keep the dance party from spilling over.
Courtesy of Michael Black