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Houseboat ‘Andante’ offers plenty of space and tugboat vibes for $499K

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Two stories of seafaring sensibility

Serving up some true Boaty McBoatface realness.
Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

Houseboats traditionally skimp on space—but this two-bedroom (two-stateroom, in boat parlance) houseboat is actually about the size of a two-bedroom apartment, at 813 square feet. It doesn’t skimp on boatiness, either, with a tugboat vibe on the outside and an interior full of exposed beams in creative configurations.

The boat shape comes to life inside, with the front curve of the vessel creating bay windows in both the living area and the master bedroom above. The lower-level is largely an open-concept space with a large kitchen—truly gargantuan by houseboat standards—and a built-in dining booth, although there’s a smaller bedroom and an office area in the back. Built into the bow, there’s a small built-in bar designed for watching Lake Union, with the ceiling beams forming a starburst above. Climb out the window to sit on a small deck. Head upstairs for the master stateroom and access to a large roof deck with a railing, ideal for sunbathing.

2401 N Northlake Way Slip B18 is listed for $499,000 through Special Agents Realty.

French doors at starboard face the dock for a split-level entrance.
A bay window at the bow creates a light-filled sitting area.
A giant kitchen with a breakfast bar is open to the living area.
The built-in eating booth is tucked in beneath the split-level entrance.
The master bedroom cozies up in a window bank.
A roof deck adds even more space to stretch out.

2401 N Northlake Way

2401 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103