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Wonder Pipes take a whimsical spin on psychedelic.
Courtesy of Wonder Pipes

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7 high-design cannabis goods made in Seattle

Local designers are rethinking stoner aesthetic

For decades, cannabis aesthetics were dominated by blown-glass pipes and dorm-room decor. One great side-effect of cannabis legalization in Washington, though: Bringing everything out into the light makes for some more diverse design choices. Cannabis isn’t your whole identity, so it shouldn’t have to be your whole look, either.

Craftspeople in the Pacific Northwest and beyond have taken a new wave of cannabis culture and channeled it into some high-design smokeware, decor, and wearables to fit all looks, tastes, and needs—stuff that will look just fine left out on your coffee table.

Wonder Pipes

Instagram | $85-$295
Courtesy of Wonder Pipes

These Seattle-made, one-of-a-kind pipes keep a psychedelic vibe but channel it into magic and whimsy. Ceramic pipes often include 22-karat gold details and rainbow-colored glazes.

High Femme pin

Jesus Mary Anne Joseph | $12

While iterations of this design also exist as a print and a handkerchief, the glitter enamel pin—“for all you ganja goddesses”—is the stand-out choice.

Magic Kitty Pipe

Etsy | $125

Portland ceramicist (formerly from Seattle, so we’ll allow it) Katie Marks is behind these iridescent pipes with precious, stoned cat faces on the front.

Oh No Cute Stoner Face Pin

Etsy | $12
Courtesy of A Little Stone Shop

Oh no, you’ve smoked too much! Look at this adorable and highly relatable pin and know that you’re not alone.

Twin Peaks stash box

Etsy | $40
Courtesy of SOHI Design

For when you do need to stow your paraphernalia, these well-crafted stash boxes by Seattle designer Bill Whitaker won’t make you feel shady about it. We’re partial to the Twin Peaks box, but fandoms can enjoy all kinds of nerdy themes, including sigils for various Game of Thrones families.

Upcycled Dug Out

Burnwell | $30

Sustainability-focused cannabis company Burnwell’s dugouts—a compact, portable setup that pairs a one-hitter with a compartment for ground flower—are made from reclaimed skateboards.

High Vibes Beach Towel

Etsy | $30

Potful Gifts’ beach towel is the perfect companion for lazy summer weekends at the beach. The designer also sells beautiful paper prints, including cards and wall art, at brick-and-mortar stores and craft fairs.