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Cottage on a pier asks $1.25 million near the Ballard Locks

Pretty much the most waterfront you can get

Behind the home, the pier extends out into the water as the Ship Canal becomes Shilshole Bay.
John Markadakis, courtesy of Seattle Afloat/Cooper Jacobs

Hidden away from the street just west of the Ballard Locks, this little cottage gives “on the waterfront” a new meaning. While the front yard is at least partially on land, the house itself is boosted up on stilts—so by the time you get to the backyard, you’re on a full-on fishing pier.

Similar to a neighboring home listed last month, the house is secluded from street level, requiring a trip down some stairs before even reaching the front yard. But once you’re down there, the water is so close that you can even get a view from the front lawn.

Inside, two bedrooms and a bath and a half nestle up in a cozy layout, which includes an open living room and kitchen with a built-in dining bar. But the real highlight of the living space is a sun porch at the back directly facing the water for watching the ships go by in all sorts of weather conditions. Get more sunshine on the back deck—or keep going onto a fenced-in dock for a closer look at the point where the Ship Canal begins and Shilshole Bay begins.

3453 NW 54th Street is listed for $1.25 million through Seattle Afloat—and while that’s a decent chunk of change for 840 square feet, owning a stretch of saltwater certainly factors into that asking price.

The dock starts at the front of the house with a patio hoisted above the water—adjacent to a lawn that’s fully on land.
A sunroom is set up as a vantage point for watching the boats go by.
A combination dock and wraparound porch is unique to the home’s setting.
There’s a water view from every room—since the house is right on top of it.
The open kitchen has a built-in dining bar.
One of the two bedrooms brings in the sea breeze through large windows.

Hiram M. Chittenden Locks

3015 NW 54th St, Seattle, WA 98107