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Alexis Hotel remodel includes Sub Pop collaboration

All the guestrooms got a warm, modern look, but the suites have some extra touches

A white living room with slate, hotel-style curtains and a view of a brick building and water through the window. There’s a green sectional in the foreground.
A suite overlooking Elliott Bay.
Laure Joliet/Courtesy of Kimpton

Sub Pop—a local label instrumental in the rise of grunge in the late 1980s and early 1990s—has been positioning itself as a prominent part of Seattle music tourism, including a popular store at Sea-Tac Airport. Its latest foray into the Seattle travel (or staycationing!) experience is a collaboration with the Kimpton Alexis Hotel in its recent remodel: 10 curated vinyl records in each of the hotel’s two fanciest suites.

While all of the hotel’s 121 guestrooms were redesigned by Portland-based designstudio ltd, the Alexis is particularly known for its specialty suites, each with a unique twist. For a while, the hotel’s suites had themes tied to Seattle-area arts, like the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Seattle Art Museum. Now, those suites are more about the features of the rooms themselves, although the hotel still features art curated by the Michael Birawer gallery next door.

The current suite lineup includes the Spa Suite, which pays especially close attention to relaxation, with a soaking tub and a lounge area, and the Fireplace Suite with, appropriately, an in-room, wood-burning fireplace. The two biggest suites—the Grand Alexis and the Arlington—are each more than 1,200 square feet, and include the record cabinets with the Sub Pop selection. The Alexis is more designed for going out, with a get-ready room with mirrors, and the Arlington is built more for hosting, including a pantry.

The overall look evokes a kind of midcentury swankiness—as if designed around a record cabinet—with some Northwest textures like hanging textiles and exposed brick. Take a peek at the new look below.

A king-sized bed has an exposed-grain headboard with built-in nightstands. A fiber art hanging above has dangling strands with a dark blue, brown, yellow, and white pattern.
A king bedroom features an exposed-grain headboard and fiber art.
Laure Joliet/Courtesy of Kimpton
A TV against an exposed brick wall, with a long dining table with a modern fixture above to the right and a green, modern sectional to the left.
This suite living room features a modern sectional and enough room for a seated dinner party.
Adela Lee/Courtesy of Kimpton
A large walk-in shower has light green tile and a standalone soaking tub inside it.
The spa suite retains a large walk-in shower—it just has the soaking tub inside it.
Adela Lee/Courtesy of Kimpton
A counter with mirrors above.
The get-ready room looks like a kind of personal green room.
Adela Lee/Courtesy of Kimpton
A record cabinet against an exposed brick wall with a turntable on top and records inside.
Record cabinets include a vinyl selection curated by Sub Pop.
Adela Lee/Courtesy of Kimpton