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Seattle-area apartment rents show some big annual gains for the start of September

Bellevue and Redmond are particularly expensive now, according to Zumper

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Seattle’s median one-bedroom apartment rent was $1,880 a month at the start of September and its median two-bedroom rent was $2,410. Both represented slight declines from the same time last year.

That is according to a report out September 17 from real estate listings and research site Zumper. It tracked vacant and available apartments in its database as of September 1, so it’s a pretty good measure of the market right now.

As for the larger Seattle-area market, Bellevue was the most expensive municipality tracked for renting either a one- or two-bedroom. Redmond was the second most expensive for both. In Redmond, in fact, both the median one-bedroom and the median-two-bedroom were up markedly from September 2018—7.1 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

The biggest annual jumps were for one-bedrooms in Renton (up 13.1 percent) and Olympia (up 13.3 percent). See the below chart for a deeper dive. What’re you seeing leasing-wise as summer fades into fall?