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Office spaces continue to boom

Seattle may have reached a critical mass for a new era

Is Amazon opening a grocery store on Capitol Hill?

Amazon’s IRL experiments could expand to E Pike

Potential site for Amazon’s fifth tower

Amazon continues to climb instead of sprawl

Take a look around Seattle: Then and now

Some of Seattle’s iconic views have changed quite a bit

Is Amazon planning a drive-up grocery store in SoDo, too?

Plans are moving forward for a drive-up grocery story in Ballard and now it looks like South Seattle is getting one as well

Amazon launching Seattle bus service for employees and their dogs

Amazon Ride will pick up commuters from Bellevue, Issaquah, and Redmond.

Is Amazon opening a drive-up grocery store in Ballard?

GeekWire has looked at permits filed with the city that call for a 9,759 square-foot retail space at 5100 15th Ave. N.W. in Ballard where customers can pick up groceries ordered online. Know as "Project X," it certainly seems Amazon is behind it.

South Lake Union’s Amazon Phase VIII sold for $247M

Phase VIII is the 12-story building at 325 Ninth Avenue N. in South Lake Union that includes 317,000 square feet of office and retail space as well as four levels of underground parking.

Amazon Turning Former Hotel Into Homeless Shelter

Amazon doesn't have plans to build on the lot for another year so in the meantime Mary's Place will start moving families in next Monday for the time being. The charity will cover utilities but otherwise the building is offered rent-free.

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16 High-Rise Projects Changing Seattle's Skyline

There is a ton of construction happening around Seattle and these sixteen big buildings will change the way you look at the skyline by the they're built.

Hi, Amazon: Google is Moving to South Lake Union

Amazon might own South Lake Union and the surrounding areas but Google is making a play to stake their own claim. The tech giant is moving into Vulcan's massive mixed-use project planned to open by 2019, adding 607K s.f. of office space.

Amazon Adds 286,000 Square Feet of Office Space

That makes it 8.3 million square feet total around Seattle that Amazon currently fills.

Amazon's Biospheres Are Finally Taking Shape

Amazon has some serious balls to think up a project like this in the middle of Seattle.