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Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Photographer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, etc. I am an odd mix who has gotten that way by flowing along on intuition and curiosity. The world draws me along as I seek knowledge and insight. My adult journey started as an engineer at Boeing (aerodynamics, rocket science, that sort of thing), I slid into an early retirement (frugality has its benefits) and now the journey has plopped me into the life of a writer (books of cultural and nature essays: Just Keep Pedaling, Twelve Months at Barclay Lake, Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla, Twelve Months at Merritt Lake). My frugality is described in my book on personal finance: Dream. Invest. Live. My most recent book is Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland, the internal and external journey as one man walked across a country. The books have led to selling photos. Self-publishing all of that has led to teaching classes. Developing technological, business, investing, writing, and artistic skills coupled with a lot of listening has led me to my consulting business. Who knows where it will flow next?