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Tell the city what you think about dockless bike share

Has the program worked out for you?

Someone is messing with the brakes on Seattle’s bike shares

SDOT is warning riders to test the bikes before riding

Seattle experiments with designated bike-share parking spots

SDOT hopes the program will make bike-share parking more ‘orderly’

Former SDOT director lands a job at Limebike

Scott Kubly is the second SDOT alum to move to private bike share

Ride a bike over the viaduct before it’s gone forever

Cascade Bicycle Club’s Emerald City Ride lets you experience the viaduct’s views from above two wheels

Limebike’s electric scooters could eventually come to Seattle, too

They’re still a ways off—but could provide an option that’s not a bike

Mobike posts Seattle job openings—but has no plans for a local launch

SDOT isn’t accepting any new vendors until the program becomes official, anyway

Limebike’s electric-assist bikes are out and rideable right now

Go ahead and climb up that hill

Burke-Gilman Trail ‘Missing Link’ gets hearing examiner go-ahead

Another challenge seems likely

Electric-assist bike share is on its way to Seattle

Limebike will be adding e-bikes to our hilly city streets

What’s next for the city’s bike-share pilot?

The pilot phase is officially over—and the city is evaluating how it went

The 520 bridge pedestrian and bike trail opens December 20

Pedal across the lake

Spin just hired SDOT’s bike-share wonk

Kyle Rowe, who wrote the city’s bike-share pilot, just moved to the private sector

An early stretch of Pike and Pine bike lanes are live

New protected east-west bike lanes hit downtown

Private bike-share pilot looks promising two months in

The private bike shares are outperforming Pronto in a big way

The protected Second Avenue bike lane is growing

Work starts Monday to bring the protected bike lane into Belltown

Spin now supports cash payments and no-smartphone operation

Buy a gift card, text to activate, text to unlock a bike.

Limebike debuts cash payments with no smartphone required

Users can now pay in cash and call to unlock a bike.

Ofo bike share launches in Seattle this Thursday

Ofo VP Grace Lin on the launch plan and the bright yellow bikes.

Ofo bike share set to launch in Seattle

With their permit approved, the company will be the third to participate in a city pilot.

Spin bike share rolls out monthly pricing

It costs $29 a month for unlimited 30-minute rides.

Try Spin and LimeBike on self-guided tours this weekend

Both bike-share systems are doing destination rides with giveaways.

LimeBike bike share rolls out in Seattle

LimeBike has been slower to let its green bikes out on the streets—but they’re coming.

Seattle’s first dockless bike share is officially here

Seattleites with a smartphone can start riding Spin’s orange bikes right now.

Spin and Limebike likely to be first dockless bike shares in Seattle

The two companies are the first to get their paperwork in.

This stream has:

Seattle Bike Share 3.0

The city is welcoming private bike shares. Here’s what we know about them.

City of Seattle rolls out rules for private bike shares

With multiple companies almost ready to launch in Seattle, a new pilot program from SDOT means we could have bikes ready to ride within the next couple of weeks.

New, cheaper Seattle bikeshare could be up and running this summer

Two private bikeshares are eyeing Seattle—and some city councilors are working to make it happen.

Mike McGinn enters the mayoral race

Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn announced today that he’d be seeking another term.

UW Bothell’s unconventional autonomous tricycle

Autonomous isn’t just for autos

Pronto Special Membership! until it closes

$10 for two months? If only that was the rent for an apartment

Seattle’s Westlake bikeway is America’s best new bike lane

So says People For Bikes

Seattle’s Pronto bike share program ending in March

The potential e-bike system can’t get here soon enough

Seattle introduces potential cycle share e-bikes with test rides

A couple folks got a chance to test out the potentially-new electric bikes that could replace Pronto

Seattle plans to replace Pronto system with electric bikes

The city has entered into discussions with Bewegen Technologies about turning the bike share system electric

Some jerk keeps throwing tacks on Westlake Avenue bikeway

It’s all a bit tacky (sorry)

Solo Seattle car commuters drop to lowest number ever

It might not seem like it at times but less people are driving along than ever in Seattle

Westlake Avenue bikeway officially opens today

The $3.6 million project dealt with concerns, fights, and delays but now it’s here.

Pronto adds Husky Stadium U-Link & Westlake Cycle Track stations

The relocation of two existing bike stations makes it easier for commuters and casual cyclists