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A $120K tiny house sits on an acre of waterfront

This 196-square-foot house sits by a big lake and a bigger park.

This lakefront A-frame in the Olympics soaks in mountain sunsets

A short commute—to hiking, that is

Rustic meets industrial in these two Mt. Baker cabins

Cabins: houses where people go to get away from it all. If that’s the case, get away from convention, too.

Live in a tower at 123 Dew Knot Enter in Port Angeles

Someone had some misanthropic fun with this home from the very start.

Peace and privacy in a tiny house on Fox Island

A little 588 square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage sits on more than half an acre of Fox Island’s waterfront.

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from May

These five homes are a mix of the theatrical and the dramatic.

Trio of Lopez tinies settle into 5 acres on Lopez

One house of lumber, one of logs, and one that was a sauna

Tiny Gig Harbor A frame hits two trends in one

A spiral stair fits into an angular home

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from April

April showered the market with enough homes that picking five favorites wasn’t easy. Here are five that range from sweeping estates to impressively efficient tinies.

A 1905 Vashon beach house with tons of tiny bonuses

The fun doesn’t stop at the house—outbuildings provide dedicated space for work and play.

A tiny house on 700 feet of waterfront lists at $360K

A log cabin, artistic touches, and the Yakima River

A tiny house on Whidbey acreage is comfortable without compromise

A tiny timber house lives much larger thanks to good design, plenty of outbuildings, and more than nine acres of land.

A 200-square-foot tiny home watches the water on Orcas

Unlike many tiny houses on wheels, this one actually comes with the land it sits on. And what land, too: three and a half acres of water-view property on Orcas Island.

A tiny cabin with a tiny studio on tiny Guemes Island

A drone video flies the cascade of staircases

A pair of tiny cabins watch sunsets on Vashon

Why have one tiny when you can have two?

Bainbridge tiny remembers earlier era

The 346-square-foot bungalow was built in 1925, back when Bainbridge Island was better-known for logging and shipbuilding

Refined and rustic find a balance on Bainbridge

Start with a great room with a great view. Add in authentic rustic charm and comfort to define this cabin and property that sits beside Murden Cove on Bainbridge Island.

Run—or row—away to a private island outside Olympia

A mainland cabin and an island cabin for on- and off-grid adventures

Retreat to a waterfront tiny house on Henry Island

Tiny house, tiny appliances, tiny chores, more time on the water

Authentic little riverfront cabin lists at $249K

This cabin could have been built from materials on the 0.34 acre property.

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from February

Remote cabins, elaborate mansions—even a houseboat.

Retreat to a $110K A-frame in Echo Valley

Ashford experiences more than 140 inches of snow every year, this classic A-frame from 1963 has a great view of it.

Live and play in a $975K Leavenworth log lodge

A snowy getaway on 1.24 acres

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from January

High over the city or down by the water, what’s your preference?

Enjoy timeless luxury (snow) in a Bavarian Chalet

True skier’s luxury, a house devoted to enjoying the snow

Skiers dream, a Crystal Mountain ski cabin

Ski-in/ski-out, does anything else matter? Price.

A tiny house on a big lot with a view of Canada lists for $399K

Do you like your 2x4s covered or exposed?

Gardeners delight in a 288 sq ft tiny house

Gardeners can spend all day outside anyway

Westside waterfront for $699K, on Camano

The commute is great, for folks working from home

Seattle house styles - an unofficial tour

Nine house styles that call Seattle home

Sequim cabin mixes art and pragmatism

Enjoy a cabin with a cloud room and artist studio

Historic West Seattle log cabin lists at $490K

Price drops in Seattle do happen

Creative Camano tiny cabin lists at $185K

Did it help start the trend?

Vashon cottage perches by Colvos Passage

Tideland rights mean seafood on your property

A-frame in Baring lists at $575K

Skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting versus a quick commute

Find the hidden room atop this Lopez Island home

Location is important, but so is style and play

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from November

These houses stood out last monyj

Herron Island log cabin lists at $159K

Don’t ask about the ladder. Oh wait, ask.

Creative beach house lists at $450k in Ferndale

Labels? They don’t stick to this house.