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Setting the home stage: White towels and vintage typewriters

Spade and Archer founder Justin Riordan shared home staging insights

How to prepare for power outages during Seattle storms

There’s a good chance you might lose power around Seattle this weekend so have your plan ready

Seattleites can preview The Big One in 'The Big Shaker'

It’s been a year since The New Yorker’s epic article summarizing what could happen to Seattle if (when) The Big One ever hits. Today, head over to Westlake Park and you might get the chance to see what an 8.5 magnitude earthquake would feel like.

What is the best pop-cultural depiction of Seattle?

What is your go-to pop culture depiction of Seattle or the surrounding area? Sleepless in Seattle? Twin Peaks? Singles?

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The best outdoor swimming spots around Seattle

We've gone ahead and updated our previous list so you can find the best waterspots in and around town no matter what you're in the mood for. Happy swimming!

Seattle buyers need to sock away $32/day to afford a home

As home prices grow ever-higher, the chances you'll be able to scrape together the wad of cash needed to get your foot in the door of a new home gets tougher to imagine. says there is one thing you can do: start saving. Here's how much.

Where You Can Find Some Quiet Around Seattle

If you want to find some peace and quiet around Seattle, you might have to look at the areas around, not in, Seattle. No surprise there, especially on Seahawks Sundays.

Seattle Neighborhood Risks for Lead Poisoning

Flint, Michigan has made the news because of lead in its water. Surely, such a thing can't happen in Seattle. Could it? Some neighborhoods are definitely lower risk than others.

A Local's Guide to Fremont, Center of the Universe

The People's Guide is Curbed Seattle's tour of neighborhoods, led by our most loyal readers, favorite bloggers, and other luminaries of our choosing. This time around, we welcome Lucy Kuznick to tell us in the ins and outs of her home: Fremont.

Think About Listing Your Seattle Home On May 1

Zillow crunched the numbers and found that May 1 - May 15 is the best time to list a house in Seattle.

7 Tips to Identify Landscaping Cost Drivers in Seattle

Six Water Conservation Tips For Every Seattle Homeowner

How To File For A Deck Construction Permit In Seattle