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Seattle mayor signs denser zoning with housing affordability requirements into law

The long-planned MHA measure exchanges building capacity for affordable housing requirements

Upzones and affordable housing requirements approved by Seattle City Council

The policy exchanges building capacity for affordable housing requirements

Seattle still isn’t building apartments big enough for families

Seattle’s family-size housing problem has been going on for years—and shows few signs of changing

Mandatory housing affordability package emerges from Seattle City Council committee

The policy exchanges building capacity for affordable housing requirements

Housing affordability rezones (mostly) clear appeal

Some groups are going to bat for 6% of single-family zones.

Appeal of housing affordability rezones drags on

Some groups are going to bat for 6% of single-family zones.

Seattle will tax and regulate short-term rentals [Update]

The new limits take effect in 2019.

Single-family zoning advocates will appeal MHA rezones [Update]

Some groups are going to bat for 6% of single-family zones.

Seattle releases full housing affordability rezone plan

Instead of specific neighborhoods, this affects ‘urban villages’ across the city.

City of Seattle starts review process for ADU rule changes [Update]

Proposed changes would make it easier to build backyard cottages and mother-in-law apartments

What’s keeping surplus public land from becoming affordable housing?

Amid roadblocks, the city is making affordable housing a priority for surplus land

Seattle has a family-size housing problem

Seattle’s recent construction boom has been dominated by one-bedroom apartments. But just one bedroom doesn’t fit all types of households.

It’s a HALA and design review double feature tonight at SIFF Cinema Uptown

Get deep into policy tonight

Chinatown-International District MHA rezone passes full council

CID upzones that exchange building height for mandatory housing affordability passed City Council on Monday.

Central Area housing affordability rezones pass City Council

Legislation passed by the Seattle City Council on Monday will bring zoning changes to parts of the Central Area that trade building height for affordable housing and "implement a community vision" for the neighborhood.

Chinatown-International District on deck for upzones

Now that the University District and Downtown’s upzones have gone through, the next area on deck for is Chinatown-International District.

Downtown and SLU housing affordability rezones pass City Council

In a unanimous vote today, the Seattle City Council passed rezones to Downtown and South Lake Union that exchange building size for affordable housing.

Downtown and SLU rezone met with positive community response

Surprise: There isn’t a lot of public backlash against some of Seattle’s densest areas getting denser.

Downtown and South Lake Union up next in HALA rezones

Now that the U District upzone has passed both the City Council and the Mayor’s office, it’s time for Downtown and South Lake Union.

Living in the city costs an extra $11K a year for families

Living in the Seattle city limits comes at a steep price tag for home-owning families, according to a new report.

U District upzone passes Seattle City Council

The denser, taller neighborhood zoning is part of HALA, and exchanges increased density for affordable housing requirements.

Light Rail defines Seattle density

Compare Seattle to Paris for some perspective

Tonight: Drink beer and learn about HALA

Have a HALA good time at the City’s information session for central neighborhoods

Proposed Ballard apartments at El Camión site want HALA rezone

The 74-unit complex would have to set aside some units for low-income residents in order to build taller.

Wallingford is very concerned about everyone’s poop

Late last week, the Wallingford Community Council asked its members to deluge city hall over their concerns about the neighborhood's sewage infrastructure and it’s inability to keep up with the, uh, demands, that come with more density.

Seattle Mayor Intros 'Grand Bargain' For Affordable Housing

Amazon Under Attack; The HALA Effect

Seattle Mayor Changes Mind on Single-Family Zoning

HALA Fallout; NBA Nixes Seattle Bucks Relocation Speculation

HALA Proposal Drives 'Grand Bargain' for Affordable Housing