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Seattle micro apartments

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The 10 smallest condos for sale in Seattle right now

When we think of tiny abodes, sometimes we think of tiny houses right away. But there’s another option, and it comes in tiny a whole lot more often: condos.

New Seattle apartments have shrunk almost 30% in 15 years

Plus: Which neighborhoods have the smallest units?

Seattle rent comparison: What $900 rents you right now

It’s mostly studios.

Seattle rent comparison: What $1300 rents you right now

How do you feel about tiny spaces?

U District micro-apartment: affordable steal or ‘prison cell’?

Would you live here for $750/month?

New aPodment complex coming to 52nd Street in Ballard

A prime location for those looking for an affordable entry to Ballard

Hotel/SEDU complex close to Capitol Hill light rail station

The proposal calls for 69 hotel rooms and 42 SEDUs

Proposed Ballard project offers SEDUs, apartments & live/work space

A little bit of everything planned at NW 56th Street & 17th Avenue NW

Barton Terrace apartments bringing efficiency to West Seattle

The proposal calls for a 70-to-80 unit apartment complex

Call for submissions: Curbed wants to see your tiny home!

Find out how to have your tiny apartment (or house, or boat, or whathaveyou) featured during Curbed’s upcoming Micro Week

Tiny $199K Condo Big Enough For You & Your Bike

The essentials can fit; but they might take new shapes and forms.

Seattle's Microhousing Rules Aren't Making Anyone Happy

A year after new microhousing rules took affect, Seattle developers are still building SEDUs but they're charging more for them.

Two U District Micro-Housing Buildings Up For Review