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Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition is complete

Bye forever, viaduct!

Future of Seattle tenant protections is slow-moving, but bright

A law requiring landlords to accept the first qualified candidate is the latest Seattle housing law to get the green light.

Offer to buy the Showbox could keep it a venue long-term

STG, which operates historic Seattle venues like the Paramount, Moore, and Neptune theaters, has joined up with Historic Seattle to submit an offer to purchase the Showbox.

A quick guide to Seattle’s SR 99 tunnel

Everything you need to know about the toll road lurking beneath downtown.

Car-tab gutting initiative likely to pass—and projects are already being put on pause

The initiative, which is leading by 10 points, would slash vehicle registration fees, but wipe out funding for transit and road projects—even voter-approved local measures.

Giant Rainier Square project gets a slight adjustment

A hotel slated for the block isn’t happening—so amid-rise building connecting an old and new skyscraper will look just a little different.

Voting in Seattle: Everything you need to know

We’re all mail-in! Postage is pre-paid!

Georgetown Steam Plant is getting a refresh

The historic property received some extra funds for renovation as it explores avenues for activation

New Seattle Asian Art Museum design hopes to offer a new perspective

The historic building reopens in February with additional gallery space—and a new relationship with Volunteer Park.

With new ADU rules in effect, Seattle hopes to drop more barriers to building

By streamlining the building process for backyard cottages and attached apartments with pre-approved plans, the city aims to make projects simpler—and cheaper.

The Seattle Monorail takes a big step toward transit integration

Now nearly 60 years old, the Monorail will finally accept ORCA cards—and even some transfers—thanks to an agreement between the operator and Seattle Center.

How to ride transit to the Washington State Fair from Seattle

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop, you can do it on a Sounder train.

Sounder train will make weekend trips for Seahawks games

Driving to the game is unpleasant—so why not share a train from the ‘burbs with a bunch of other fans?

Seattle homelessness pilot hopes to finally reach those living in cars

How Seattle is trying to get safe lots—programs that provide space and services for those sleeping in their vehicles—right

Center City Connector streetcar project keeps inching forward

The fraught streetcar project just got a loan from the city to figure out exactly what it needs to keep going.

Adaptive reuse of former funeral home breaks ground in Fremont

Bleitz Funeral Home is getting a new life as new office space springs up around it

Fares on Washington State Ferries are going up this October

The increase comes as the ferry system goes for a greener fleet. A low-income fare pilot is likely on the way.

What we know about the smoke covering Seattle

We’re getting another end-of-summer smoky weather situation.

The Showbox gets its landmark designation

It’s officially nominated as a landmark—and still in a temporary historic district.

Our guide to Seattle’s bike shares

Which bikes (and companies) are in town—and how are they different?

Measure to reduce barriers to building ADUs in Seattle gets mayoral boost

After half a decade of planning, changes to laws governing backyard cottages are on the way—with more experimentation ahead on making them feasible.

Seattle City Council votes to reduce barriers to building ADUs

After half a decade of planning, changes to laws governing accessory dwelling units—like backyard cottages and mother-in-law apartments—are on the way.

Seattle Pride 2019: Parade routes, block party locations, and more

Our guide to the whole Pride weekend

Judge tosses Showbox-preserving temporary zoning

Removing the City Council-implemented liferaft puts the venue’s future in question—but it’s still being considered for landmark status

Take a first look at Sound Transit’s new light rail trains

Brand-new vehicles, going into service next year, have more leg room and additional bike hooks.

Two Showbox preservation efforts move forward

It’s officially nominated as a landmark—and still in a temporary historic district.

Seattle explores its options for congestion pricing

The city says it wants to find an equitable way to toll city streets

Washington State drought: What you need to know

Water is in shorter supply in much of the state, although Seattle is in okay shape for now

National Transportation Safety Board releases findings on deadly 2017 Amtrak crash

"Three people did not have to die"

The Space Needle is looking for time capsule submissions

Think you can do better than Pearl Jam?

Seattle Office of Housing works toward a community preference policy

The years-long effort to fight displacement is being put on paper

The iconic Lake Union Steam Plant smokestacks are getting a new look

The historic Lake Union Steam Plant—recognizable from I-5 as the building with the Zymogenetics smoke stacks—is getting a new paint job.

ADU legislation can move forward after clearing appeal

An appeal to ADU reform wasn’t successful (this time)—and the city council is getting ready to fine-tune the policy

Renter rights are changing in Washington State

The Washington State Legislature passed a few big changes to landlord-tenant law, changing notification timelines that could help renters stay in their homes.

How ADU legislation could rein in Seattle’s McMansions

Legislation to make backyard cottages more accessible could also prevent future massive single-family homes

The Showbox will be considered for landmark status this June

After a highly publicized preservation effort, a hearing date has been set.

More than 11,000 people are experiencing homelessness in King County

It’s a big figure—but it’s the first decrease in the annual survey in seven years

Seattle construction crane collapse: What we know

What happened, and what comes next?

Sweeping eviction reform passes the Washington State Legislature

If signed, the law will require additional notice, clearer information, and more protections for tenants.