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Pokemon Go

Pokémon No: Des Moines wants to opt out of game

So far, they haven’t gotten a response from the company

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Where to find Pokémon nests around Seattle (UPDATED)

Thanks to some intrepid folks at Reddit and elsewhere, we've culled the reports to find out where you need to head if you want to make sure you're collecting a very specific type of Pokémon.

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Where to catch rare Pokémon in and around Seattle

There are 151 total Pokémon in the game, but what you can catch depends on your trainer level, the type of Pokéball used, and your location. Light up an incense and head on over to these locations to find some more uncommon Pokémon.

Tacoma home touting Pokémon Go hotspots

This 1,640 square-foot 2-BR in Tacoma looks nice enough. Built in 1947, it looks like it needs some updating but could otherwise be a good starter home if you go in on the $275,999 price. Did we mention that there's a Squirrtle in the backyard?

Pokémon Go meetups, subreddits, and groups in Seattle

Below, Curbed has compiled the best local Pokémon Go-focused groups from Reddit, Facebook, and Meetup.

Every Pokéstop and gym in Seattle, mapped

Wonder no more where to go for your next Pokémon Go fix. This crowdsourced map includes every Pokéstop and gym that's been identified in Seattle as well as on the Eastside, North King County, South King County and plenty other places as well.

Center for Wooden Boats overwhelmed by Pokemon Go players

Lake Union Park and the surrounding area is a certified hotspot for game features and that’s causing some issues for local businesses.

Seattle's new industry: Pokémon Go safari drivers

Pokémon Go has people on the move all around Seattle and some folks have figured out a way to make it safer and make a few bucks.

Seattle among the most mobile-friendly U.S. cities

If you've spent any time in a Seattle park, or just stood outside for long enough, you've no doubt come across some Pokémon Go players in the midst of catching Pokémon. It's easy because Seattle is among the top mobile-friendly cities in America.

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Where to start catching Pokémon around Seattle

If you haven't played before and you're looking for a way to jump in, Curbed has begun to map different neighborhoods and sites in Seattle and what types of Pokemon players or stops you can find there.