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Public transportation

A quick guide to Seattle’s SR 99 tunnel

Everything you need to know about the toll road lurking beneath downtown.

Car-tab gutting initiative likely to pass—and projects are already being put on pause

The initiative, which is leading by 10 points, would slash vehicle registration fees, but wipe out funding for transit and road projects—even voter-approved local measures.

Trailhead Direct performance shows demand for transit to trails

The Seattle hiking shuttle’s ridership grew 75 percent in its second year—but its future is unclear.

Seattle’s long history of transit funding

The Emerald City’s reliance on car tabs is fueled by a complicated history.

A quick guide to the Seattle Center Monorail

The monorail is more than a tourist trap. Here’s our guide to where to board, how to pay, and the future of the line.

The Seattle Monorail takes a big step toward transit integration

Now nearly 60 years old, the Monorail will finally accept ORCA cards—and even some transfers—thanks to an agreement between the operator and Seattle Center.

How to ride transit to the Washington State Fair from Seattle

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop, you can do it on a Sounder train.

Seattle starts the electric scooter process

The city has long resisted an electric scooter share—but is about to start catching up.

Sounder train will make weekend trips for Seahawks games

Driving to the game is unpleasant—so why not share a train from the ‘burbs with a bunch of other fans?

Center City Connector streetcar project keeps inching forward

The fraught streetcar project just got a loan from the city to figure out exactly what it needs to keep going.

Fares on Washington State Ferries are going up this October

The increase comes as the ferry system goes for a greener fleet. A low-income fare pilot is likely on the way.

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11 transit-accessible camping trips near Seattle

Does your idea of an outdoor adventure involve transit?

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11 transit-accessible hikes in and around Seattle

For those who hate driving, and more importantly, those without a car who still want to access the region’s amazing natural areas, it’s possible to go hiking by transit both within the city and nearby.

Seattle's best neighborhoods for renting

Do you need cheap rent? Walkability? Transit?

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Something to do or see at every Seattle Link Light Rail stop

Public transit is a great way to see the city—and Link Light Rail will take you on a tour from University of Washington to Othello.

Seattle’s best neighborhoods for living car-free

No matter what flavor of multimodal you are, there’s a neighborhood for you in the Emerald City—no personal vehicle required.

Seattle Pride 2019: Parade routes, block party locations, and more

Our guide to the whole Pride weekend

Take a first look at Sound Transit’s new light rail trains

Brand-new vehicles, going into service next year, have more leg room and additional bike hooks.

Seattle explores its options for congestion pricing

The city says it wants to find an equitable way to toll city streets

National Transportation Safety Board releases findings on deadly 2017 Amtrak crash

"Three people did not have to die"

King County Metro’s ride-hailing service expands to Southeast Seattle and Tukwila

It’s the third responsive shuttle service in an expanding offering from the county

Shuttle to Seattle-area hikes returns for 2019 season

New, expanded Trailhead Direct service includes more trails and more pickups.

Where’s my bus? Stop changes and new corridors coming to downtown Seattle

King County Metro is going through some changes

Sounder train will make weekend trips for Mariners games

The Sounder train will start running before and after select weekend Mariners games so folks on the Sounders line don’t have to get behind the wheel to get into the stands.

Former DC transportation planner confirmed as new SDOT director

Sam Zimbabwe has been basically on the job for a while now

All-door boarding on Third Avenue—and other major downtown transit changes—coming in March

Buses are coming out of the tunnel and stops are shuffling

Seattle will provide free transit for some low-income residents

The "ORCA Opportunity" plan will be expanded to residents of some low-income housing communities—at least for now

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: The squeeze squeezes on

What’s affecting getting around this weekend—and how to ride transit to it (or around it)

Looking back on Seattle streetcars and trolleys

We’re building out a new line—the latest in a long history.

Center City Connector streetcar gets the green light—and a much longer timeline

After months on hold, the streetcar project is back on with an updated plan

What public transportation is—and isn’t—doing during the Seattle Squeeze

As Seattle heads into a three-week traffic, there are some added transit options—and missed opportunities

Free waterfront bus service will run through 2019

The WSDOT-funded shuttles, which run from Pioneer Square to Seattle Center, now have three lines

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Early viaduct closures start now

What’s blocking up traffic and transit this weekend—and how to navigate around it

Seattle mayor picks DC transportation planner to lead SDOT

The nomination still needs City Council approval

King County Metro’s ride-hailing service expands to West Seattle

By expanding its responsive shuttle service, Metro hopes to mitigate the coming State Route 99 closure

King County Metro wants to make it easier to use carpooling apps

By partnering with private apps, Metro hopes to encourage more people to carpool

How did King County’s city-to-trail shuttle go?

Trailhead Direct finished its first full season in October

King County Metro is testing electric buses

Five models will be sent on South King County’s longest, hilliest routes

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Veterans Day, Sounders, and 520

What’s blocking up traffic this weekend and how to ride transit to it (or around it)