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House barge with stunning, airy remodel listed for $375K

The vessel was transformed from a boring, dilapidated barge to a thoughtfully designed home

Renovated 1930 Queen Anne Tudor asks $1.75M

Red outside. B&W inside. And, room for art

Shipwright-remodeled Queen Anne co-op listed for $210K

Custom woodwork makes this studio shine

The Chinook House is a jaw-dropping remodel from recycled materials

This Matthews Beach home has been transformed into a plush retreat

A stately Craftsman and its backyard cottage are listed separately in the Central District

Creating a condo association allowed a vintage home and a modern cottage to each become their own

Ballard cottage renovated by Melrose Place’s Josie Bissett listed for $799K

From fashion tips to home flips

$2.3M Queen Anne condo owns postcard views

Remodeled inside, with an view of Seattle’s expansion outside

A 1906 Beacon Hill bungalow lists at $550K

Remodeled inside. Chicken coop outside. New and old meet again.

Tour a recently remodeled playful Victorian

To the turret we go!

Fauntleroy Craftsman returns to market at $850K

Nice bones! and probably a story, too.

Remodeled in Ravenna for a round even $1M

An architect-directed remodel excels

Madison Park Craftsman lists at $1.88M

A new year means new listings. Welcome!

West Seattle Craftsman lists just before Christmas

Did a $589K house fit in a stocking?

West Seattle midcentury becomes a $549K postmodern redux

You may have to dig to find traces of 1954

Old Greenwood Craftsman is new again for $950K

For sale twice in one year? Flip or no flip?

The 5 least expensive homes for sale in Wallingford

Living north of Lake Union (or on it) has its perks

Queen Anne grocery turned condo lists at $399K

Shall they ring that package up for you?

1918 Cape Cod in Ballard asking $650K

The house is a Cape Cod with two bedrooms and one bathroom, built in 1918, not quite a centenarian. Behind and beneath the music and livestock theme is a classic arrangement of hardwood floors, columnar room dividers, and linteled doorways.

Who sunk a boat in this $525K Wedgwood house backyard?

They sunk the boat into the ground, added water, and created...

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from October

Unique homes happen, which is why real estate isn’t boring

Wallingford Craftsman transformed into modern home

Who said a duplex has to duplicate styles? If there’s a rule for that, they broke it to make this $1,235,000 combo property in Wallingford.

Queen Anne Federal remodeled by Stuart Silk asks $7.5M

We can haggle over whether or not this place is more Georgian Colonial or Federal, but there’s no denying that the 1913 residence still exudes a classic, restrained look that’s stood the test of time. Now the Queen Anne home is asking $7.5M.

Renovated W Seattle hotel adds private music studio

The standout new feature has to be the W Sound Suite, the first in one of their North American hotels. The music studio offers a private recording space and writer's room for recording artists as well as hotel guests.

1960's Kirkland stable transformed into studio space

A detached stable & garage in Kirkland had fallen into disuse when the current owners purchased the property. The couple decided to convert the stable into a studio space for working and painting along with a guest space for visitors.

Remodeled Madison Park Midcentury Lists For $1.99M

We don't know what this 3-BR in Madison Park looked like before Scott Erickson and Rodger Benson bought it but apparently it wasn't the looker it is today. Anna Mihkels of MihkelsWright came in and went about recreating the aesthetic of the house.

Flipped Green Lake House Gains Level & Price Tag

The aging house at 1112 N 76th Street in Green Lake was sold last year for $350,000. It has re-emerged on the market with a brand-new look and a brand-new third floor. Now it's asking $1.05M for the new-and-improved version.

$975K Renovated Issaquah House Built on a Rock

A geologist built a dream house, so naturally it's built on a rock and has geothermal heat; and then the renovations began.

Midcentury Blends Modern, Zen & Nature for $619K

Renovations and remodels happen to mid-century marvels, too. How else did this minimalist and square building end up with such an amazing sound board - of all things?

Woodinville Estate Includes Western Movie Set

Renovated kitchens and baths are nice, but having a unique landscape may be more valuable. Adding a western movie set will start lots of conversations.

Renovation: Office By Day, Family Space By Night

Renovations don't have to be all-house affairs. Sometimes there's a specific space in need of help. That was the case for the ground floor of a Seattle home that served as a home office during weekdays and family/guest space on nights and weekends.

Classic Broadmoor Residence Gets Modern Remodel

A mid-century Broadmoor residence gets a thoroughly-modern update

Check Out This Cabin Getaway In...South Park?

From the outside it looks like any other South Park house but step inside and you've been transported to the wilderness.

1915 Montlake Classic Gets Built Green Makeover

A year ago, this Montlake home looked pretty rough. Today it looks like a million bucks. Well, a little bit more than a million bucks.

2015's Best King & Snohomish County Remodels

The Remodelers Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties has picked their very best remodels from last year. Here's our favorites.

Big Reveal: $2.75M For This Remodeled 1938 Magnolia 5-BR

How Much For This Remodeled 1938 Magnolia 5-BR?

Modern Dutch Colonial Urban Retreat Lists For $759K

Renovated 1909 Red Madrona Home Hiding Modern Makeover

Beautiful Broadmoor Midcentury Remodel Lists For $2.3M