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Seattle hikes

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12 essential Seattle-area hiking trails

Classic day hikes in and near Seattle

Trailhead Direct performance shows demand for transit to trails

The Seattle hiking shuttle’s ridership grew 75 percent in its second year—but its future is unclear.

Seattle-area hikes for everyone

Want to bring a dog? Go car-free? Get sweeping views of the Pacific Northwest? Stay a while?

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10 Seattle-area hikes for seeing beautiful fall colors

Put on those cozy wool socks and hiking boots and adventure through the autumn leaves.

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10 spooky Washington State hikes to take this October

Hikes to ghost towns, cemeteries, and haunted places

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8 beginner hikes in and around Seattle

Whether you are a beginning hiker or an experienced one looking for something close and quick, these trails could be a perfect fit.

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10 dog-friendly hikes in and around Seattle

Take your best friends on some beautiful walks, from Discovery Park to Mount Si.

Where to go stargazing near Seattle

With just a little planning, you can see some jaw-dropping skies. Here’s where to go and how to make the most of your trip.

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8 hikes for swimming and wading in the Cascade Mountains

There’s nothing like finishing a sweaty hike with a dip in the cold, alpine water.

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11 transit-accessible camping trips near Seattle

Does your idea of an outdoor adventure involve transit?

Voters poised to approve six-year parks and open space funding in King County

Early ballot returns show a landslide of approval

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11 transit-accessible hikes in and around Seattle

For those who hate driving, and more importantly, those without a car who still want to access the region’s amazing natural areas, it’s possible to go hiking by transit both within the city and nearby.

11 iconic fire lookout hikes in the Cascade Mountains

These towers were placed for big views—and now, they beckon adventure

How to avoid crowds on Pacific Northwest hikes

Finding solitude on the trail is hard in an area so in love with the outdoors—but it’s possible.

Day hiking on Mount Rainier: An introductory guide

There’s so much to explore on the Northwest’s most visible mountain—but here’s how to get started.

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14 Washington State campgrounds with historic buildings to explore

Campouts for history buffs, architecture aficionados, and abandoned-place enthusiasts.

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9 dog-friendly campgrounds near Seattle

Get your pup tent—and your pup—ready for an adventure.

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8 essential backpacking trips near Seattle

When was the last time you found bliss in the backcountry?

So you want to move to the mountains

Suddenly, you’ll realize: This isn’t REI anymore. This is Cabela’s.

18 wildflower hikes to explore near Seattle

Alpine wildflowers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest are some of the most impressive in the country.

5 Seattle-area adventure cats you need to follow on Instagram

Here are five kitties who enjoy the great outdoors—with people who document their excursions.

The State of Washington adds 240 acres of public land near Mount Si

It’s part of the growing Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area.

How to have a safe (and awesome) hiking trip in the Pacific Northwest

These eight tips will help keep you hiking all season long.

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6 Olympic National Forest hikes for all seasons

Explore the Olympics with these outdoor excursions

New parks levy proposal aims to repair, add, and complete area trails

A proposal to renew the King County Parks levy includes both basic maintenance and bigger projects

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The Entiat Valley is full of gorgeous winter hikes

Venture beyond the mountains

How to have Pacific Northwest winter adventures—safely

Have fun! Don’t die!

Lake Serene Trail officially preserved

Nonprofit Forterra acquired the last privately held portion of the trail

Urine-fixated goats are being airlifted out of the Olympics

An AP video shows a chain of three tranquilized goats in orange slings and blindfolds being slowly lowered into a truck.

Trailhead Direct bus service to Mailbox Peak begins

The route runs between North Bend and the popular hiking trail

Testing a car-free adventure with the Trailhead Direct shuttle

How does the municipal shuttle between city and trail work?