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Seattle City Council

Court rules against Seattle’s first-in-time law

The rule required landlords to accept the first qualified candidate to apply

Seattle City Council votes to temporarily ban ‘rent-bidding’ platforms

The ordinance calls for a year’s moratorium and more study

Seattle domestic workers seek full rights in their workplaces

Many nannies, in-home caregivers, house cleaners, and others are asking the Seattle City Council to implement a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Construction begins on Seattle Asian Art Museum expansion

The art deco building in Volunteer Park is getting upgrades—and the museum is getting more space

Seattle Renters’ Commission looking for new members

Want to help the city learn more about life as a renter? The Seattle Renters’ Commission is accepting applications for its first-ever lineup.

Property sale will fund housing programs—and could restore shelter funding

Originally meant to just fund new programs, proceeds could restore funding to longtime providers

City councilor joins effort to restore shelter funding

Some shelters were cut in the city’s rebidding process—especially those that provide emergency beds.

Seattle City Council approves Seattle Asian Art Museum expansion

The art deco building is getting upgrades—and the museum is getting more space

Proposal: Use $11 million from property sale to address homeless crisis

Mayor Jenny Durkan introduced legislation yesterday

How one Airbnb operator got a special carve-out in new short-term rental law

The Seattle Times investigates "how the sausage is made"

City announces $100 million in affordable housing funding

Including two affordable homeownership projects

Seattle will tax and regulate short-term rentals [Update]

The new limits take effect in 2019.

Seattle lawmakers ask Amazon to ‘stay with us and grow with us’—and Amazon responds

A letter invites Amazon to a joint task force. Amazon agrees.

$34 million in city contracts overhaul Seattle’s funding for homeless services

The contracts prioritize permanent housing

Bill would make Seattle landlords pay when tenants are priced out

The bill is similar to a Portland ordinance

Center City Connector survives part of budget process

A budget deadline has passed with no amendments to stop the streetcar.

What’s keeping surplus public land from becoming affordable housing?

Amid roadblocks, the city is making affordable housing a priority for surplus land

Private bike-share pilot looks promising two months in

The private bike shares are outperforming Pronto in a big way

City council approves sale of vacant lot in front of City Hall

Civic Square’s days as an empty pit are numbered

It’s a HALA and design review double feature tonight at SIFF Cinema Uptown

Get deep into policy tonight

Washington state leaders stand up for DACA

The program—which the Trump administration announced it would end—is being fervently defended by state leaders

Uber and Lyft unionization law on hold again for appeal

As of Tuesday afternoon, a 2015 law allowing drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft to unionize is back on hold—at least for now.

City Council passes law preventing rental restrictions based on criminal records

The Seattle City Council just passed the "Fair Chance Housing" ordinance, which would expand rental housing options for those with criminal records.

City proposal would help provide relief to people living in vehicles

The draft program would give parking leniency to those seeking services

Bill seeking to help those with criminal records find housing passes City Council committee

The full Council will consider the "Fair Chance Housing" ordinance, which would expand rental housing options for those with criminal records.

Uber and Lyft unionization law clears another legal hurdle [Update]

A federal judge dismissed one lawsuit blocking a 2015 law allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize on Tuesday—although another lawsuit is still pending.

Chinatown-International District MHA rezone passes full council

CID upzones that exchange building height for mandatory housing affordability passed City Council on Monday.

Seattle City Council to consider developer impact fees

"The need is clear," say city councilors Lisa Herbold, Sally Bagshaw, and Mike O’Brien.

Seattle City Council could make it easier for those with criminal records to find housing

The Seattle City Council will consider the "Fair Chance Housing" ordinance, which would expand rental housing options for those with criminal records.

City Council passes ordinance to encourage updated voter registration for renters

An ordinance passed by the Seattle City Council on Monday will require landlords to include voter registration information in their move-in packets.

Seattle City Council calls upon Puget Sound Energy to end coal use in wake of Paris agreement

In a unanimous vote Monday, the Seattle City Council voted to uphold the city’s part of the Paris climate accords.

Chinatown-International District MHA rezone heads to full council—slowly

On Tuesday, a Seattle City Council committee passed rezones to CID—but councilors acknowledged the legislation needs more time before it’s ready for a full council vote.

Youth bus fare will be as low as 50 cents this summer—but why not free?

The city and county just lowered youth bus fare, but City Councilor Rob Johnson is dreaming bigger.

Youth jail opponents will have a chance to appeal master-use permit after all

Opponents of a new King County youth detention center and courthouse are getting another chance to appeal the project.

New, cheaper Seattle bikeshare could be up and running this summer

Two private bikeshares are eyeing Seattle—and some city councilors are working to make it happen.

Seattle legislation would give regulating short-term rentals another try

City Councilor Tim Burgess hopes to prevent "a mass turnover of existing rental housing stock into short-term rentals."

Chinatown-International District on deck for upzones

Now that the University District and Downtown’s upzones have gone through, the next area on deck for is Chinatown-International District.

The Ramps to Nowhere: Going, but not quite gone

The popular ramps from an unpopular freeway are coming down—slowly.

Downtown and SLU housing affordability rezones pass City Council

In a unanimous vote today, the Seattle City Council passed rezones to Downtown and South Lake Union that exchange building size for affordable housing.