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Seattle home prices

Seattle's best neighborhoods for renting

Do you need cheap rent? Walkability? Transit?

Even at $85K a year, it takes 12 years to save for a Seattle-area down payment

Saving for a home can be a daunting—and out of reach

Seattle rent still stalling—in luxury markets

Another report shows rental costs slowing way down, but the lowest-cost rentals are still in high demand

How much would Frasier’s Seattle condo cost today?

It doesn’t exist—but if it did, how many millions would Frasier’s place command?

Price cuts increasingly common in Seattle home listings

That doesn’t mean home costs are going down—but it does accompany a price slowdown

Seattle home inventory is even lower than this time last year

Heading into typically a busier season for home-buying, inventory is dropping more dramatically than before

Seattle rent report: February 2018

Could rent increases still be slowing down?

Seattle’s share of renter households has increased 14 percent in the last decade

Meanwhile, homeowning households are on the decline

Seattle-area home prices see double-digit gains

The latest Case-Schiller index shows a 12.7 percent jump from November 2016

Seattle housing market inventory remains low, even for winter

There are 20 percent fewer homes on the market than this time last year, says Zillow

Seattle rent: There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Signs of relief for Seattle renters

In low-inventory Seattle, condos especially feeling the crunch

As inventory is going down, prices are going up

Zillow: Seattle housing prices will continue to climb in 2018, but not as quickly

That’s for both renters and buyers

Western Washington cabins: The cheapest (and most expensive) areas to buy

San Juan cabins don’t come cheap

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The 20 most expensive home sales of 2017

Topping out at nearly $9 million

Seattle makes up 75% of Redfin’s most competitive neighborhoods in 2017

Neighborhoods across Seattle and the Eastside have been seeing fierce competition

I live in a studio apartment with my boyfriend—and I love it

On making a conscious decision to sign a lease as a couple on an apartment with no bedroom door.

Seattle’s cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods for buying right now

Which neighborhoods have the least expensive homes—and the most?

Loftium help with your down payment—if you Airbnb a room

The startup could put home buying in reach for some

Seattle-area home values rise far above bubble peak

In the metro, home values are 19 percent above their 2007 high, according to a Zillow report.

Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan spar over speculation tax

Moon’s campaign says no, they don’t want to create a "government database based on national origin."

The Seattle metro has gained 22 ‘million-dollar neighborhoods’ since 2014

Those are ZIP codes with 10 percent or more homes valued at $1 million or more.

Seattle and Tacoma metros both among most competitive housing markets in the U.S.

A Redfin report says Tacoma isn’t far behind Seattle in demand—or cost growth.

Seattle rent comparison: What $1575 rents you right now

A studio in Capitol Hill or a two-bedroom in Bitter Lake?

Seattle’s least and most expensive neighborhoods by square foot

"Using per-square-foot prices enables readers to understand how prices change across neighborhoods more easily."

Affordable Downtown Seattle condos are getting competitive

As Seattle residents are scrambling for more affordable housing options, more affordable condos could be at the forefront of Downtown condo demand.

40% of Seattle homes are listed at $1M or more

It seems like a whole lot—but Seattle actually ranked 10th in seven-plus-digit listings for King County.

Seattle’s houses are on top, up 10.7%

Great growth, but barely back above the previous peak

Seattle housing inventory dropped 25 percent in November

Of course there’s bidding wars when there aren’t many homes out there to begin with

Even cleaning your Seattle home has gotten too expensive

Housing prices aren’t the only ones going up around here

Vancouver tax driving Chinese buyers to Seattle (and Bellevue)

Anecdotes are being followed by data

Seattle is finally the hottest housing market in the nation

It’s been a long time coming

October data spells tough times for Seattle buyers ahead

An 18.2 percent drop in active listings spells doom for any buyers hoping to ride a trend of slowing price increases

Seattle has almost caught Portland for hottest home market title

Portland home prices are currently up 11.7 percent from a year ago but Seattle is right behind at 11.4 percent

Seattle was nation’s fastest housing market in August

Half of all Seattle-area homes were pending sale within 10 days

Seattle median sale price hits $625,000 as inventory still can’t keep pace

King County’s August average sale price was $601,995 while the median sale price came in at $499,974

Downtown Seattle condo prices jumped 31 percent in August

That seems like a lot

Seattle’s housing market so good for sellers, are buyers giving up?

The housing market just keeps climbing but buyers seem to have gotten the hint

What is the actual Seattle median home price?

Median house prices are climbing so quickly it is hard to keep up with the numbers. Median house prices are up 15.9 percent to $666K, or is it 11.4 percent to $462K, or is it 9.14 percent to $420K?