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For sale in Seattle

Loft in century-old Queen Anne elementary school listed for $565K

The space gets high marks for its tall ceilings and historic features

The Chinook House is a jaw-dropping remodel from recycled materials

This Matthews Beach home has been transformed into a plush retreat

Condo in Belltown’s historic Austin A. Bell Building listed for $598K

Live inside a landmark

This midcentury home keeps it retro in Ballard

The aesthetic embraces the Atomic Age

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13 Victorian homes on the market in Washington State

Ornate Victorian mansions were among the initial styles to be built by some of the region's wealthiest landowners and businesspeople.

A stately Craftsman and its backyard cottage are listed separately in the Central District

Creating a condo association allowed a vintage home and a modern cottage to each become their own

This midcentury modern time capsule was built for a family of 11

The eight-bedroom house near Lake City has original fixtures intact

Condo carved from historic Victorian asks $515K

A Queen Anne without the royal price

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 106

From Renton to downtown Seattle

Townhome in a former church listed for $2.15 million

This is an especially opulent unit in the already-ritzy Sanctuary building

Sleek and upscale floating home listed for $3.7 million

Wood paneling frames postcard water views

Queen Anne High School loft listed for $525K

Tucked atop a big, historic window

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 5

Condo built in former school gym listed for $2.8 million

Featuring 14-foot windows

250-square-foot ‘Ina Mae’ houseboat is a little floating clubhouse

It comes with owned moorage, too

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Six homes along Metro route 22

The Alaska Junction, Morgan Junction, and all around West Seattle

‘Artist’s Dream’ is a houseboat for all seasons

This shingled, two-story houseboat just a few blocks up from Gasworks Park in Wallingford has cozy areas to cuddle up inside and outdoor options for whatever nature throws at you.

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The 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now

These ten houses ranging from 500 to 720 square feet are the tiniest on the market in Seattle.

Beacon Hill’s historic Victorian ‘Garden House’ listed for $1.75M

The Turner-Koepf House is on the National Register of Historic Places

Seattle Reign’s Megan Rapinoe lists Seward Park home for $888K

Featuring plenty of balcony space and a stunning master suite

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6 homes for sale along Metro route 60

From South Park to Capitol Hill

Greenwood bungalow fits just enough into 630 square feet

Smart space decisions make this cozy house the perfect size

Christian Grey’s penthouse listed for $11.5 million

BYO dungeon

What $400,000 buys in Seattle right now

A Queen Anne one-bedroom or three bedrooms in the Rainier Valley?

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15 midcentury modern homes for sale in the Seattle area right now

From fancy to fixers

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Six homes for sale along Rapidride E

Travel rapidly between these homes and downtown

Fairy tale Tudor by Thorndyke Park listed for $1.24 million

Leaded glass and a timbered loft

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 31

Houses and condos from Magnolia to Wallingford.

Classic Tangletown Craftsman asks $795K

Built in 1921, this house is full of well-maintained original details

Three more Seattle apartment projects go condo

That’s five pivots in the past two months

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 8

Houses and condos from the Denny Triangle to Mt Baker.

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 120

Soon to be a Rapidride route, the bus winds past homes in West Seattle, Burien, and White Center

Ralph Anderson home built for Jim Whittaker listed for $1.3 million

Two local legends combine for one incredible house

Fremont party house with outdoor bar and roof deck asks $850K

This home has been optimized for outdoor gatherings

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Six homes for sale along Metro route 124

From Georgetown to Tukwila

‘Levitating Lighthouse’ treehouse along Magnolia beachfront asks $109K

Is it a treehouse? Is it a lighthouse?

This Portage Bay floating home is like a better beach house

Cape Cod homes were originally built to withstand waterfront locations, so it makes sense that the design would work on top of the water, too.

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Six homes for sale along the Rapidride D Line

This bus rapid transit line operated by King County Metro, the RapidRide D, connects Ballard and its adjacent neighborhoods to downtown.

Tiny Lake Union houseboat is just 200 square feet and $75K

Docked on Lake Union just off Westlake Avenue N, this houseboat, named Vittoria, is tiny, even for a houseboat.