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Sold Homes in Seattle

Oprah Winfrey buys Orcas Island estate Madroneagle for $8.28M

This home wouldn’t fit under your seat.

Schmitz Park will expand, thanks to sale of a tear-down

The old-growth preserve will grow, thanks to a Seattleite who opted to sell his property to the city

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The 20 most expensive home sales of 2017

Topping out at nearly $9 million

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The 10 most expensive Seattle home sales of November 2017

From $2.4 million to $6.2 million

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The 10 most expensive home sales of September 2017

From $2.2 to $5.5 million.

Graham’s Denning Castle sells for $595K

This castle just got a new king

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The 10 most expensive home sales from April 2017

These top ten highest-priced homes sold in April have one, unsurprising thing in common: Some incredible views.

The 10 most expensive Seattle home sales in March 2017

Madison Park, meet your new neighbors

Seattle’s 10 most expensive home sales last month

One of these homes sold in February 2017 has parking for a yacht.

Last new downtown condo sells for more than $2.6M

The last available new condo unit downtown, a 38th floor unit in the Insignia, has sold.

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10 most expensive Seattle homes sold in 2016

The surprise isn't that the cheapest was over $4M.The surprise is that the most expensive was under $10M.

Last week’s biggest sales: Four Seasons 2-BR gets $2.9M

Not many chances to buy a Four Seasons Private Residence left

Tell us your 2016 Seattle home-buying horror story

It’s Friday Open Thread time

Tales from the Seattle housing market: Modest home almost gets $1M

The bidding wars aren’t even close to being over

Luma Condos officially sells out all initial units

You missed your chance

5 Seattle home sales that went way over asking price

Check out these recent Seattle sales, all of which got way more than they thought

Last week’s biggest sales: Clyde Hill custom, Queen Anne condo

Last week’s big real estate sales took place in Bellevue, Queen Anne, and Mercer Island

Escala penthouse closes for whopping $8M

It’s the most expensive Seattle condo sale since 2009

Last week’s biggest sales: Seward Park home gets $4.6M

Last week’s big real estate sales in the region were in Seward Park, Madison Park, and Mercer Island

Last week's sales: Clyde Hill custom home gets $3.4M

Listed in June, they dropped the price slightly in July and then it went pending in August. It's a Northwest custom build by MN Custom Homes and all the modern trappings including a huge kitchen, expansive master suite, and basement media room.

68-acre Redmond farm estate gets $5.3M

The price history on this 68-acre estate is a bit all over the place. After listing for $6.95M back in 2012, it went on and off the market at that price for a few years before coming down to $3.895M. Then it sells for $5.25M. Huh?

William J. Bain Tudor in Madison Park takes $3.48M

Last week's biggest sales was topped by a classic Seattle home from a classic Seattle architect. It's joined in the top three by a custom home in Bellevue and a custom home in Laurelhurst.

Once asking $7.4M, Bellevue home gets $5.8M

It wasn't what they originally wanted but this luxury Bellevue property was the big seller last week.

Four Seasons Residences penthouse gets $7.15M

The biggest condo sale of the year (for now) closes in the Four Seasons Residences. Two other $4M+ sales in the region make for a very busy and expensive week.

Broadmoor Georgian Colonial goes quick for $3.6M

Last week's biggest sale in Seattle spent all of two days on the market before going pending. The biggest sales came from Broadmoor, Woodinville, and Mercer Island.

Bellevue's La Belle Maison sells for $3.7M

Last week's biggest sales start with a new construction called La Belle Maison in Bellevue

Bryant Cape Cod gets $170K over asking price

If this Cape Cod looks familiar, it’s because we featured it as part of our PriceSpotter guessing game back in June when it hit the market asking $785K. Let’s find out how it sold for $955K.

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Seattle-area's most expensive 2016 home sales so far

Wondering how this year has been for the Seattle-area's real estate market? To find out, Curbed mapped the 10 most expensive single-family home residential sales that have occurred so far this year with prices ranging from $5.8M to $9.75M.

Mercer Island waterfront mansion gets $9.8 million

A Mercer Island waterfront property almost broke the $10M sale mark last week. Following that are two Seattle condos with views to justift their million-dollar price tags.

$4.9M penthouse sale Seattle's biggest since 2013

The $4.9M Madison Tower penthouse sale is the highest Seattle condo sale of 2016 and only one of three to sell for over $4.5M in the last three years. It's also the 5th-highest penthouse sale in the last decade and the highest since 2013.

Remodeled Jim Olson Madrona home gets $3.5M

Last week's biggest sales include a uniquely-designed manor in Broadmoor, a waterfront home in Yarrow Point, and a Madrona home designed by Jim Olson and remodeled by Rick Gregerson.

Windermere estate with funicular sells for $6.5M

Two of Seattle's most-expensive listings were both snatched up last week. One in Windernere that was so big it needed its own funicular. The other a beautiful modern home in Leschi.

Vandalized Central District home gets 56% over ask

Yesterday we shared the story from the Seattle Times about a dilapidated home in West Seattle that received 41 offers and more than doubled it’s asking price. Today, Windermere agents Brian Hayter and Jay Harrison share a similar story regarding a Central District home that fell into disarray.

Dilapidated West Seattle home gets 41 offers

Today’s tale comes from a Seattle Times story that is just about the craziest one we’ve heard in a city full of crazy home sale stories. The story began on April 22 when a 1951-built, 2,100-square-foot home in West Seattle lists for $200,000.

Last week's biggest sales: $4.5M Medina mansion

The biggest sales in the region last week took place in Medina, Clyde Hill and Bellevue.

Madrona's gargoyle house finally sells for $2.6M

Originally-listed in 2014, the Charles R. Bussell Residence (a.k.a. The Madrona Victorian with gargoyles out front) finally finds a new owner. Also in last week's biggest sellers is a Capitol Hill classic and a Mercer Island waterfront home.

Medina Gold Coast 3-BR gets $5.9M

The biggest home sales last week went down in Medina, Madison Park and Kirkland

Tales from the Seattle housing market: Mountlake Terrace madness

Between the soaring housing prices, plummeting inventory, and insane bidding war stories, we keep hearing about how crazy the Seattle housing market is. So we've asked local real estate agents, sellers and buyers to share their nutty stories about a recent home sale or purchase to prove just how true it all is.

Massive Woodway Estate Sold For $8 Million

Normally we stick to King County when looking back at the week that was in real estate sales but this Snohomish County sale was too big not to include. Along with that one is a $6.7M sale in Medina and a $5.5M sale in Bellevue.