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Seattle housing reports

Here are apartment rents in 14 Seattle-area cities and towns

Bellevue and Redmond are particularly expensive now, according to a new Zumper report, while Seattle itself saw slight declines year to year.

Seattle still isn’t building apartments big enough for families

Seattle’s family-size housing problem has been going on for years—and shows few signs of changing

Even at $85K a year, it takes 12 years to save for a Seattle-area down payment

Saving for a home can be a daunting—and out of reach

Seattle rent still stalling—in luxury markets

Another report shows rental costs slowing way down, but the lowest-cost rentals are still in high demand

Is Seattle rent actually starting to fall?

New Zillow analysis shows a decrease in median rent after years of skyrocketing cost

Price cuts increasingly common in Seattle home listings

That doesn’t mean home costs are going down—but it does accompany a price slowdown

How much more does a waterfront home cost in the Seattle area?

A Zillow study confirms what you probably suspected

In Seattle real estate market, inventory is finally up

Inventory has been tight for years, but the crunch is starting to ease

One-third of Seattle-area households are burdened by housing costs

New Harvard data shows that many are struggling

Seattle—and Washington—minimum wage doesn’t come close to housing affordability

You need more than $50,000 in income just to afford a typical Seattle studio

Seattle’s court-ordered eviction rate is a third of what it was in 2000

But we’re still evicting approximately one household per day

Why is Seattle home inventory so low?

Current homeowners are staying put—leaving fewer options for first-time buyers

Condos make up 7% of downtown Seattle’s residential construction pipeline

New, luxury towers have become the norm in Seattle—but most of them are for rent

Tacoma has one of the most rapidly gentrifying ZIP codes in US, study says

The area includes parts of the Hilltop neighborhood and the Dome District

Seattle home inventory is even lower than this time last year

Heading into typically a busier season for home-buying, inventory is dropping more dramatically than before

Seattle rent report: February 2018

Could rent increases still be slowing down?

Seattle’s share of renter households has increased 14 percent in the last decade

Meanwhile, homeowning households are on the decline

Seattle-area home prices see double-digit gains

The latest Case-Schiller index shows a 12.7 percent jump from November 2016

Seattle area added 12,000 residential units in 2017—with a similar outlook for 2018

That’s 50 percent more than 2016

Seattle housing market inventory remains low, even for winter

There are 20 percent fewer homes on the market than this time last year, says Zillow

Seattle rent: There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Signs of relief for Seattle renters

In low-inventory Seattle, condos especially feeling the crunch

As inventory is going down, prices are going up

Zillow: Seattle housing prices will continue to climb in 2018, but not as quickly

That’s for both renters and buyers

Seattle makes up 75% of Redfin’s most competitive neighborhoods in 2017

Neighborhoods across Seattle and the Eastside have been seeing fierce competition

How much did the rent go up (or down): December 2017

What’s rent like in Seattle right now?

Bellevue and Medina among most expensive US ZIP codes in 2017

This according to a report by Property Shark

Census data: Seattle is in top five most expensive US cities

In 2016, median rent was $1,448

What amenities do Seattle renters actually want?

A survey asked renters what apartment and community amenities are important to them

Seattle’s affordability crisis is costing renters $6K per year

Rent has gone up more quickly than income

How much do you need to earn to afford a home in Seattle?

It’s close to six figures

How much did the rent go up (or down): November 2017 edition

For a one-bedroom, it’s anywhere from $1,320 to $1,870.

47 percent of Seattle-area renters were cost-burdened in 2016

More than 20 percent spend more than half their income on rent.

New Seattle apartments have shrunk almost 30% in 15 years

Plus: Which neighborhoods have the smallest units?

Seattle’s home prices are rising faster than San Francisco’s, report says

The Seattle metro’s home values rose more than 12 percent over the past year

How much did the rent go up (or down): October 2017 edition

For a one-bedroom, it’s anywhere from $1,320 to $1,870.

How many Seattle homes could be underwater by 2100? [Updated]

We’re better off than many cities—but it’s still an issue that could hit lower-income homeowners more than many.

Seattle’s cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods for buying right now

Which neighborhoods have the least expensive homes—and the most?

Seattle apartment vacancy rates are up

As new apartment units come online, demand could start to wane

Seattle has a family-size housing problem

Seattle’s recent construction boom has been dominated by one-bedroom apartments. But just one bedroom doesn’t fit all types of households.