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Seattle Tunnel

From jeers to cheers for Bertha

Bertha punched through as much criticism as rock in 2016

Bertha now 70 percent done as 1,000th ring assembled

Watch two WSDOT videos to see what’s happening in Seattle’s basement

Bertha hits it’s deepest point underneath Seattle

The tunnel boring machine is now 60 percent done with her journey

WSDOT installing quake-resistant bridge

Bendable bridges could bounce back after a quake

Break out the balloons, Bertha crosses the mile mark

5,280 feet down, 3,990 feet to go

Here’s 5 Seattle-based costume ideas for Halloween

Forget superheros and zombies, spend Halloween as something much more Seattle-y

After quicker-than-expected break, Bertha is digging again

These days, Bertha seems to get going a lot faster than expected

Bertha now under Pike Place Market, halfway home

The tunnel boring machine is actually staying on schedule these days

Bertha now under The Showbox, 4,239 feet into journey

The tunnel boring machine is making good time these days

The Seattle tunnel is finished (no, the other one)

The tunnel underneath Seattle is finished, but not the one you’re thinking of

Bertha tunnels past the 4,000 foot mark under Seattle

Ever since she restarted, Bertha has been moving forward without many problems

Bertha overruns now $223M, tunnel opening pushed to 2019

As a reminder, Bertha was originally supposed to be surface in South Lake Union in October 2014 and the tunnel was supposed to open by the end of 2015.

Bertha restarts tunnel dig with new teeth

STP says they expect to stop two more times for maintenance before they reach the north portal, Bertha’s final destination and the end point for the new tunnel.

How WSDOT will build a roadway in Bertha's tunnel

We don't drive on round roads. That seems obvious, but how do you put a flat road into a round tunnel. There's a video for that.

Bertha takes maintenance break after 3,088 feet

As of this week, Bertha has tunneled 3,088 feet, most of which has been accomplished in the past eight weeks. At this point, nearly one-third of the way there, it’s time for a scheduled maintenance break.

Bertha Hits 2,000 Feet, Heads Under Downtown

Considering how badly Bertha's first couple years under Seattle went, it's been a pleasant surprise to see how smoothly her journey has gone since restarting.

Bertha Passes 385-Foot Mark But Isn't Stopping Yet

Wednesday, WSDOT announced that Bertha the boring tunnel machine had reached her latest goal and had officially moved past the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Alaskan Way Viaduct Re-Opens Ahead of Schedule

WSDOT has clearly learned a valuable lesson from all of the troubles involving Bertha since her inception. Under-promise and over-deliver. A week early, the Alaskan Way Viaduct is open for business for this morning's commute.

Watch Drone Video Inside Bertha's Tunnel

As we speak (write), Bertha is boring under the Alaskan Way Viaduct. We no longer have the opportunity to watch the recovery effort because the greatest activity is happening underground. WSDOT found a fix for that.

Bertha Stops Drilling...On Purpose This Time

For once, Bertha has taken a break from drilling under Seattle on purpose.

Bertha Work Suspension Order 'Baseless' According to STP

Megaquake Reports 'Bogus'; One Seattle Tunnel Going Great

Another Reason to Stop, Bertha has Sinkhole for a Neighbor

Bertha Budges But is Bogged Down by a Barge

Bertha Is Officially Tunneling Under Seattle Once Again

Bertha Ready To Bust Out; New Seattle City Council Sworn In