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Seattle Starchitecture

Roland Terry design in Shoreline seeks $5.25M

Custom built in 1998, this five-bedroom, 9,508 square-foot home includes seven bathrooms, ensuring that no one will ever have to hold it. The design of the home actually creates two wings and balances formal and informal spaces.

Fred Bassetti Mercer Island midcentury asks $1.1M

Fred Bassetti and midcentury modern go together like Seattle and being passive-aggressive. The four-bedroom, 2,420 square-foot home was originally built in 1963.

Hinoki House exemplifies Northwest style for $6.2M

The owners leave behind a story about themselves and what they wanted from their home. Now it's up to the next owners to figure out if that's the kind of lifestyle they want as well. So long as they have $6,200,000, of course.

Paul Kirk midcentury modern in Normandy Park asks $555K

A home from a midcentury master is now available

Midcentury by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice asks $799K

Milton Stricker was a Frank Lloyd Wright disciple before making his own homes. His 5-BR, 2.5-bath, 3,243 square-foot residence was originally built in 1963. Though it's been well-maintained, it still offers up an uncompromising 60s vibe throughout.

William J. Bain Tudor in Madison Park takes $3.48M

Last week's biggest sales was topped by a classic Seattle home from a classic Seattle architect. It's joined in the top three by a custom home in Bellevue and a custom home in Laurelhurst.

$825K condo remodeled by Suyama & Jongeward

The Gainsborough is one of three luxury apartment buildings designed by Earle W. Morrison on First Hill in the late 1920s and 30s. One unit in particular got a upgrade thanks to George Suyama & designer Jean Jongeward and now it's available for $825K

Morris Graves' former home 'Careläden' asks $3.8M

One of the first Northwest homes to be made out of cinder block, Graves designed the three-bedroom, 5,181 sqaure-foot home with the help of notable architects Robert Jorgenson, AIA and Robert Shields.

$995K for William Bain designed Cedar Park home

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for the three-bedroom, 2.25-bath home in Cedar Park designed by William J. Bain. Super Swede ended up guessing $1.1 million and that's only slightly high. The actual asking price: $995K.

Wendell Lovett's Day House a midcentury showpiece

Built in 1958, the three-bedroom, 3,200 square-foot home remains a shining example of the Pacific Northwest midcentury modern with plenty of touches that are quintessential Wendell Lovett. The home is also on the open market asking $1.3M.

Midcentury modern designed by Seth Fulcher asks $1.05M

Seattle architect Seth McCallen Fulcher attended the University of Washington in 1942 and went on to become an award-winning designer rather quickly. Built in 1958, this five-bedroom, 3,280 square-foot residence has been restored.

Ralph Anderson modern design in Leschi asks $1.65M

Ralph Anderson is remembered as being one of Seattle's great preservationist architects but he also had a lot of modern influence in his work as well, especially in the the homes he designed. That's especially true with this 1989 home he designed.

Roland Terry 4-BR in North Beach lists for $895K

From the 1950s to the 1990s, architect Roland Terry helped define the Pacific Northwest approach to modern architecture. That's on display with this 4-BR home in North Seattle's North Beach neighborhood, which recently listed for $895K.

$14.9M Laurelhurst waterfront estate hits market

This 5-BR, 4.75-bath, 7,683 square-foot waterfront estate out on secluded Webster Point just hit the market asking $14.9M. That makes it the second-priciest listing on the market in town, trailing only the Sam Hill Mansion in Capitol Hill ($15M).

Fred Bassetti midcentury in Bellevue asks $2.27M

When you think of midcentury modern architecture in Seattle, Fred Bassetti comes to mind pretty quickly. The architect behind Seattle Municipal Tower and Seattle Aquarium also designed this 1952 Bellvue 4-BR that's price is down to $2.268M.

$869K Ellsworth Storey classic keeps regionalism alive

When running down the history of Seattle architecture, any list of the city's most notable architects has to include Ellsworth Prime Storey on it. His five-bedroom, 2.5-bath at 802 NE 72nd Street in Green Lake that just listed for $869K.

Tom Kundig remodel in Bellevue gets $6M

Last week's big sale was a Tom Kundig remodel of a Roland Terry classic in Bellevue. The other big sales come from Medina and Bellevue.

Blue Ridge Cape Cod by George Stoddard asks $1.05M

George Stoddard become one of the most influential early 20th century architects in Western Washington. Stoddard spent over four decade career designing notable homes in the region and the 3-BR Cape Cod home at 10042 Valmay Avenue NW is among them.

Kirkland midcentury modern by Anker Molver asks $1.3M

Anker Molver stood out amongst his peers as one of the midcentury's top Seattle architects. Many of his richly-textured designs have stood the test of time and that includes this 3-BR midcentury modern in Kirkland that recently listed for $1.3M.

Roger Newell-designed Clyde Hill home gets $2.5M

A mere $200K seperated all three of last week's biggest King County real estate sales. The most notable of which was a Clyde Hill luxury home designed by Seattle architect Roger H. Newell in 2004.

Tom Kundig remodel in Bellevue back asking $5.9M

This Tom Kundig remodel sold in August 2015 for $5.75M. Almost exactly one year later, it's back on the market. This time, the Lake Washington waterfront luxury home is looking for $5.995M.

Ralph Anderson midcentury modern lists for $1.1M

Iconic Seattle architect Ralph Anderson designed a lot of homes across the region. Here's one more, a 3-BR, 1.75-bath midcentury modern in Magnolia that's on the open market for the first time since it was built in 1957. The asking price is $1.1M.

James Jessup NW Contemporary back asking $727K

Three years ago, this Northwest Contemporary designed by James Jessup listed for $540K and sold for $529K. Now it's back on the market and perhaps as a sign of how things have changed it's asking $727K.

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My Seattle: Olson Kundig owner/principal Alan Maskin

We like to ask one individual to share their Seattle with us. It's a chance to see the city through the eyes of others and learn about the nooks and artifacts we've haven't had a chance to appreciate. Today we asked Olson Kundig's Alan Maskin.

Tom Kundig-remodeled Dowell Residence asks $2.5M

Tom Kundig was brought in by winemaker Charles Smith after Smith purchased Paul H. Kirk's Dowell Residence in Seward Park in 2014. Now, two years after purchasing it and gussying it up, Smith is selling and he's looking for $2.5 million.

Alban Shay Brick Tudor in Queen Anne Asks $2.77M

Alban Aurelius Shay was more than just an awesome name. The architect came to Seattle to work on drawings for the Olympic Hotel. He ended up working for or alongside some of Seattle's most notable architects (Charles Bebb & Carl, Gould, Paul Thiry).

Fred Bassetti Haller Lake Midcentury Asks $560K

How much more mid-century can you get than being built in 1950 (Okay, maybe 1951 for very particular people)? A house from noted modern architect Fred Bassetti has hit the market for the first time since it was built.

Take a Look Inside Facebook's New Seattle Office

Facebook opened the doors to their brand-new Seattle office at Dexter Station in South Lake Union on Monday. Designed by Frank Gehry, it's the new home of their Pacific Northwest engineering outpost.

William Bain Jr. Midcentury Modern Asks $1.19M

Hang out on a bluff in Poulsbo looking west across water to the mountains, and do it in a William Bain original for $1,190,000. Minimalist inside, big windows letting in the outside, there's little to age or even suggest it.

Wright-Inspired Cottage on Vashon Asks $374K

Buying a Frank Lloyd Wright original would be like trying to buy a priceless museum artifact.On Vashon you can live in a house inspired by his ideas for $374,000.

Ralph Anderson 5-BR in Clyde Hill Lists Asking $2.48M

Sean Bell Industrial Modern 3-BR Marvels at $789K

How About a $289K Condo by the Space Needle Architect?

Own a Fred Anhalt Bungalow in Laurelhurst For $750K

NW Modern on Mercer Island by Carl Bystrom Asks $2.25M

Wendell Lovett Modern in Burien Lists For $1.1M

One of Ellsworth Storey's Brehm Brothers Houses For Sale

That Ronald Terry 4-BR in Madison Park is Back on the Market

For $6.7M, Keep This Roland Terry Residence or Replace it With a Stuart Silk Design?