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Tiny houses outside Seattle

Seattle’s coolest short-term camper rentals

For people who just want a taste of tiny living—or just want a cool place to stay—the Seattle area is full of airstream and other camper rentals.

Tiny houseboat Carrot is 200 square feet of nautical living

Outside, this Lake Union houseboat has a tugboat-style design. Inside, it’s a cozy cabin.

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15 parks near Seattle with cabin rentals

Get outdoors, but not too outdoors, on the cheap, with cabins along the beach, in the woods—or even on a small island.

Cozy little Orca houseboat asks $275K on Lake Union

Live small on the lake.

Fix up this little Mount Index cabin for $145K

Within walking distance of Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls

Ross Chapin Coupeville Craftsman cottage costs $279K

A cute Craftsman cottage that is really a condo

‘Artist’s Dream’ is a houseboat for all seasons

This shingled, two-story houseboat just a few blocks up from Gasworks Park in Wallingford has cozy areas to cuddle up inside and outdoor options for whatever nature throws at you.

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The 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now

These ten houses ranging from 500 to 720 square feet are the tiniest on the market in Seattle.

Explore these tiny buildings at this year’s Seattle Home Show

Looking for a cottage? An office? A shed?

Spirit of Skykomish is a 1942 residential caboose

The historic train car was listed for $100K

A hilltop tiny house enjoys acres and views

A tiny cabin on a big lot plus 360 views

This tiny house on wheels is shiny, eco-friendly, and $30K

Metal outside, bamboo inside, sheep wool in the walls

Classic cabin is wrapped in Gig Harbor waterfront

A little house surrounded by Horsehead Bay

Big views and a tiny house for a tiny-ish price

The right house for an awesome lot happens to be tiny

A tiny house compound lists at under $20K

Why try to keep it all under one roof?

Port Townsend tiny house needs a home

The home’s eco-friendly quality is as impressive as the style

Zyl Vardos’s Damselfly is a whimsical tiny house on wheels

A great example of why tiny houses aren’t just mini-RVs.

A 1923 beach house pairs with a studio on Camano Island

A place that’s small enough to be easy to take care of on a piece of property large enough for privacy and projects.

Extra touches make a $37K tiny house on wheels excel

There are almost always some concessions in tiny houses on wheels, but this $37,000 THOW manages to fit in features that don’t even show up in some conventional homes.

A cute craftsman sits by the beach in Ocean Shores

Need to cool off? Head to Ocean Shores, where there’s a sweet 400-square-foot cottage sitting by the dunes on the market at $123,000.

Retreat to a tiny house in Snoqualmie Pass for under $100K

this 1949 cabin impresses with what it provides and features a prime location for mountain-minded folks.

Classic tiny cabin by Denny Creek is just big enough

Only $82.5K, only 500 square feet, only a drive away

Seattle's coolest short-term tiny house rentals

Try these tinies on for size.

A tiny house on wheels is ready to roll in La Conner

The builder fit a spa into this 239-square-foot home.

Five of the most affordable Seattle-area homes under 500 square feet

Affordability meets minimalism, naturally.

Family of Bavarian tiny homes available for little Leavenworth getaways

Leavenworth's Bavarian architecture is cute enough on its own, but shrink those houses to an itty-bitty size and it reaches a new level.

SeaHawk houseboat perfect for fans of the sea or the Hawks

Football fan or no, it’s easy to be a fan of this houseboat on the west side of Lake Union.

A tiny cabin in Gold Bar for $140K

Here’s an uncommon combination: riverside, tiny house, and midcentury. Take three trends, throw them into one package, and possibly be surprised at a price of $140,000.

Live the boat life in the Swan Song houseboat

This Westlake houseboat, with its minimalist, wood-heavy design, is enough to make anyone feel like a skipper. And although it’s named Swan Song, it certainly hasn’t sang one.

This little beach house on Point Monroe is perfect for playing in the Sound

This 1937 cottage on Bainbridge Island’s Point Monroe is listed for $599,000. Say hello to sunshine, sand, and a big, watery back yard.

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from June

Homes in all shapes and sizes from 200 square feet to more than 7,000.

Tiny, convenient, and cute in North Bend

One sign that a cabin is well-positioned for hiking is good hikes in every direction: east, west, north, and south, too.

Stay a while in Seattle's 10 best vacation rentals

There's something for everyone, whether they want to sleep in a yurt, an Airstream trailer, or on a lavender farm.

A little cabin and trailer in the Whidbey Island woods

On more than 17,000 square feet of field and forest affectionately dubbed "Camp Whidbey," this 484-square-foot cabin in Freeland is a home base for outdoor adventuring.

A $120K tiny house sits on an acre of waterfront

This 196-square-foot house sits by a big lake and a bigger park.

This lakefront A-frame in the Olympics soaks in mountain sunsets

A short commute—to hiking, that is

A luxury tiny house on wheels is full of big extras

Radiant floor heat, skylights, wireless in-wall surround sound, on-demand hot water, oiled hickory countertops, bay windows and vaulted ceilings in a tiny house on wheels for a five-figure price.

New tiny houses crop up in the Nickelsville Georgetown village

Six new structures built by local high school students include two tiny houses "designed to accommodate a larger family" and three single-family tiny homes.

Peace and privacy in a tiny house on Fox Island

A little 588 square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage sits on more than half an acre of Fox Island’s waterfront.