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Seattle Tiny Houses

One approach to long-term shelter: Tiny grants for tiny homes

City Councilmember Mike O’Brien is floating a new city program to help tackle the homelessness crisis

A stately Craftsman and its backyard cottage are listed separately in the Central District

Creating a condo association allowed a vintage home and a modern cottage to each become their own

Seattle wants ideas for itty-bitty arts and culture spaces

What can you do with 400 square feet?

250-square-foot ‘Ina Mae’ houseboat is a little floating clubhouse

It comes with owned moorage, too

‘Artist’s Dream’ is a houseboat for all seasons

This shingled, two-story houseboat just a few blocks up from Gasworks Park in Wallingford has cozy areas to cuddle up inside and outdoor options for whatever nature throws at you.

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The 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now

These ten houses ranging from 500 to 720 square feet are the tiniest on the market in Seattle.

Cozy up in 212-square-foot Orca houseboat

Live small on the lake.

Greenwood bungalow fits just enough into 630 square feet

Smart space decisions make this cozy house the perfect size

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13 parks near Seattle with cabin rentals

Get outdoors, but not too outdoors, on the cheap, with cabins along the beach, in the woods—or even on a small island.

‘Levitating Lighthouse’ treehouse along Magnolia beachfront asks $109K

Is it a treehouse? Is it a lighthouse?

Short-term houseboat rentals in Seattle for testing out a life at sea

You move here for all the natural wonders, so why not live on one?

Tiny Lake Union houseboat is just 200 square feet and $75K

Docked on Lake Union just off Westlake Avenue N, this houseboat, named Vittoria, is tiny, even for a houseboat.

Houseboat ‘Flamingo Cafe’ listed for $385K

This little barge is just 339 square feet

Former fishing cottage for sale in Ballard is just 370 square feet

This itty-bitty house, originally built as a fisherman’s shack in 1923, has just enough room for the essentials.

Floating home ‘Cottage on the Lake’ lives up to its name

This bright, cheery house is just 600 square feet

‘Anne Rebecca’ houseboat was built on the hull of a fishing vessel

This home was a shipwright’s labor of love.

This school bus turned motor home is for sale for $35K

The skoolie is 195 square feet—but still has enough room for a king-size bed.

This tiny houseboat is 240 square feet of nautical living

Outside, this Lake Union houseboat has a tugboat-style design. Inside, it’s a cozy cabin.

Montlake Spite House briefly returns to the market for $600K

This wedge-shaped house has a complicated backstory

Remodeled Greenwood craftsman is full of tiny retreats

A backyard studio is one of a few unique, cozy spaces

Explore these tiny buildings at this year’s Seattle Home Show

Looking for a cottage? An office? A shed?

Seattle's coolest short-term tiny house rentals

Try these tinies on for size.

Five of the most affordable Seattle-area homes under 500 square feet

Affordability meets minimalism, naturally.

Family of Bavarian tiny homes available for little Leavenworth getaways

Leavenworth's Bavarian architecture is cute enough on its own, but shrink those houses to an itty-bitty size and it reaches a new level.

SeaHawk houseboat perfect for fans of the sea or the Hawks

Football fan or no, it’s easy to be a fan of this houseboat on the west side of Lake Union.

Live the boat life in the Swan Song houseboat

This Westlake houseboat, with its minimalist, wood-heavy design, is enough to make anyone feel like a skipper. And although it’s named Swan Song, it certainly hasn’t sang one.

Stay a while in Seattle's 10 best vacation rentals

There's something for everyone, whether they want to sleep in a yurt, an Airstream trailer, or on a lavender farm.

New tiny houses crop up in the Nickelsville Georgetown village

Six new structures built by local high school students include two tiny houses "designed to accommodate a larger family" and three single-family tiny homes.

This West Seattle cottage is small, simple, and $415K

A tiny, one-bedroom cottage sits in West Seattle, waiting for a new owner. Considering Seattle’s real estate market and the $415,000 price tag, it may not have to wait long.

Bookshelves by wine bottles grace a tiny bungalow

The red claw foot tub is a fun touch

Minimalists, take note of this Tiny in Magnolia

A tiny house on a tiny lot in a tony neighborhood

A tiny house hides inside a Magnolia garden

It would be easy to label this 420-square-foot tiny house in Magnolia as trendy, but it’s been there since 1949— today’s trends with yesterday’s style.

5 of the most affordable homes on Phinney Ridge

In Phinney Ridge, it’s hard to find a home priced for less than $1 million.

Seattle short-term camper, RV, and travel trailer rentals for trying out the tiny life

For people who just want a taste of tiny living—or want to try before they buy a dramatic lifestyle change—the Seattle area is full of teeny-tiny rentals.

5 of our favorite Seattle-area homes from February

Remote cabins, elaborate mansions—even a houseboat.

10 tiny homes, cabins, and sheds at the Seattle Home Show

Both tiny homes and small, getaway sheds are on the rise, so it’s no wonder they made a major showing at the Seattle Home Show. Here are ten small space getaways, good for either a few hours of quiet time or years of living small, attendees can explore.

Emma the houseboat listed for $185K

This little home checks a lot of boxes: Tiny. Cabin-like interior. French doors. Is literally a boat. Where else can you find a loft and a rooftop deck in Seattle for less than $200,000?

An upscale tiny home for $73.4K

At one time, tiny houses were big solutions for people who were living small by choice or by necessity. As tiny homes became trendy, an industry of tiny home building emerged—but when you’re paying for someone else’s labor, the price tag is significantly higher. This custom, trailer-mounted tiny home by Dream Big Dwell Small carries a $73,400 price tag, and some amenities that don’t exactly match the traditional tiny floor plan.

Maple Leaf tiny cottage on the market at $410K

Cute and quaint are great, but maybe take a tour, too